Therefore, The Treasure Map In Fortnite Could Change The Game Fundamentally


Therefore, The Treasure Map In Fortnite Could Change The Game Fundamentally

In Fortnite : Battle Royale, a new item is planned: The Treasure Map. But how will it work? There are already leaks and speculations in the net.

What’s up with the treasure map? The Treasure Map is the new item planned for the upcoming patch v.8.00 in Season 8 . According to the description you should search the island for a hidden loot.

What can the treasure map do? Leaks and speculation

What exactly the card does is not yet clear. But there is already a leak that revealed soundfiles and graphics. So we already know that there are graphics for shovels and special chests. Also soundfiles have appeared for digging.

Anyone who studies the likewise leaked graphics on the map himself sees that there is a large “X” southeast of the volcano . Whoever visits this place in the game actually sees some stones in the form of an X lying there. But you can not (yet) interact with it.

How could the treasure map work? On the page Forbes and in comments is already busy discussing the function of the map. It could be that the card appears as an item in chests or as ground loot.

Who uses them, learns where the treasure is and can loot it. The treasure should be a stock of legendary weapons and items, much like a supply lama or Christmas presents.

The thing would be particularly exciting if the treasure map exists only once and reveals the location for each player in the round each time. That would lead to exactly the race to the treasure, which can be seen in the trailer of Season 8 .

Alternatively, it would also be cool if the map does not show a specific location, but a vague drawing of the site. There was such evidence in past seasons every week in the Challenges.

For two seasons Epic does not do that anymore, but who knows if these fun treasure hunts will come back over the map.

What do you think the new treasure map is doing? I, Jürgen, would really like to have the concept of treasure hunt for all. This would change the gameplay of Fortnite properly from the find of the map and move some players to the wild hunt for the treasure.

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