This Bug Drives Many Fortnite Players Crazy


This Bug Drives Many Fortnite Players Crazy

In Fortnite , an annoying bug is causing trouble. This bug prevents many players from landing, causing important time to pass.

This is the bug: Fortnite pros like Ninja or Tfue are currently in turmoil. A new bug in Fortnite prevents you from flying down the bus in the first few seconds after the jump.

So you just slide down slowly, while other players can land much faster . Although this bug only lasts for 2-3 seconds, many other players are down faster.

Especially many professionals see it as a problem and complain. We show you the bug in videos and some reactions of the players.

See the bug in the video here

That’s the bug: In the following video you will see a lot of streamer hit by this bug. Tfueand Ninja are also upset about it.

The pro “CouRage” even says, “This could be the worst mistake ever made in Fortnite.”

That’s why the bug is a problem for many players: In Fortnite often decides the perfect landing on the round exit. If you first land in a good spot and can loot, then you have more weapons and can directly turn off enemies that land later.

Often seconds are crucial. Especially in tournaments that are played by professionals, such mistakes are often groundbreaking.

Landing sometimes works harder in Fortnite.

These players are affected: Players report that especially people who play with Auto-Run are affected. If you turn this feature off, it will work again.

If you are affected, then you may be able to fix the error.

Two professional players were also excited about a landing field at a tournament:

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