Why Thousands Of Agents Want To Save Scared Dogs In The Division 2?

The Division 2

Why Thousands Of Agents Want To Save Scared Dogs In The Division 2?

In The Division 2 , there will be some stray dogs. The agents have already taken them to heart.

That’s why dogs are an issue right now: In the testing phases of The Division 2 , on the streets of Washington DC, not only enemy factions but also some animals were encountered. Below: street dogs.

The stray dogs not only walk around soullessly, but react to you and your actions.

Fearful dogs are whining and seeking protection

This is how dogs behave in shootouts: on reddit, the last few days several posts with pictures appeared on which agents showed frightened dogs in The Division 2. Currently, such a post in general gaming reddit even received over 60,000 upvotes:

During shootings the dogs crouch down and begin to whine anxiously.

This user also reports that during a shootout a street dog came to him behind the cover, clamped the tail between his legs and whimpered for help:

The Redditor writes that he stayed with the dog for the next few minutes to make sure that nothing happened to the four-legged friend. He felt responsible for protecting the dog. His mail has received more than 2200 upvotes so far.

The agents criticize this: In the comments and in other posts, the agents therefore demand that these pitiful creatures may be allowed to pet them, give them something to eat, or take them to the White House, the operations base .

Apparently it is only possible in The Division 2 to stare back ice-cold when the dogs look at you with sad eyes. Ubisoft is asked not to put so poor animals in the game if you can not save them.

Agents want to help dogs

A user suggests that you could make a mission out of it. First find a street dog, tame him, take care of him and then make him the “dog of the base of operations”, where he can lead a beautiful life. Or even as a faithful companion, running in Washington next to one.

A user jokes: “[You can not pet dogs], you can only watch dogs”. (“You can not pet dogs, you can only watch them”). Where he jokingly refers to another Ubisoft game with “Watch Dogs”.

Incidentally, in Division 1 there were also dogs that you could neither pet nor keep as a pet. In the video you see dogs from The Division 1:

However, there is an “interaction option” with dogs in The Division: You can shoot them if you are cruel people.

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