Fortnite Warns: If You Jump Off Here, A Bug Can Kill You Right Away


Fortnite Warns: If You Jump Off Here, A Bug Can Kill You Right Away

In Fortnite there is just a dangerous zone for all players. Whoever enters this is killed directly. Epic already announced a fix. Here’s the death zone: Near Fatal Fields, since Season 8’s update, you ‘ve found two large potholes that represent a fork and a knife. Anyone who tries to jump into the knife is killed directly.

Why exactly the players die here is unknown. Fortnite has already issued a warning via Twitter to the players and calls the whole thing a bug. See the bug in the video here Epic posts that on Epic epitomizes itself on Twitter and writes that one knows of the mistake and already working on a fix.

This is the error: The Twitter page “Fortnite News”

Posts a video to match the error. There, the bug is shown again: That’s why there is the knife and the fork: In Fortnite there were always smaller gags on this topic. Many English-speaking players also call Fortnite “Fork Knife”, in German “Gabel Messer”.Epic has often responded to this fun, adding a “Fork Knife” touch to the game.

Now there is also this huge cutlery near Fatal Fields. But the mistake of direct death should not be. The players say: The players do not consider the error as bad, but celebrate it much more. So “Srcheeto,” writes to Epic’s tweet: “Do not fix the bug. It’s a knife, it has to be dangerous! ” Over 1000 users have already agreed to it.

When will the whole thing be fixed? The fix for this error may already be online when reading. Or it may be that Epic needs a bit longer for that. This depends on how big the real mistake is. You should be aware of this: If you are near Fatal Fields in your turn, then you should avoid the cutlery.

You can go nearby, but as soon as you jump into the knife, you will be eliminated. This would be annoying in a good round. Fortnite now also has a treasure map. How it works:

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