Ninja Explains Why He Abhors A Landing Spot In Fortnite


Ninja Explains Why He Abhors A Landing Spot In Fortnite

Fortnite -Streamer Ninja has fired in one of his latest streams against Pleasent Park. For him, this place is the worst place to land.

This explains Ninja: The Streamer lands in one of its streams since Season 6 for the first time in Pleasent Park. But for him, it quickly becomes clear that this place is the worst landing spot ever. In the stream, he is shot there directly and then cussed properly. For him, it is clear that he will not land there so fast.

That bothers Ninja at Pleasant Park

This shows the video: In the stream neckline, Ninja is shot at when landing directly from all sides and dies. Even fast construction does not help anymore. The bullets fly from all directions.

That’s what Ninja says about Pleasant Park: “I hate Pleasant Park more than anything else!” Ninja says right after his removal. For him, this landing spot is so bad, because there are many houses.

In each house, opponents can hide and are in the ideal cover. This means that shots can come from virtually all directions and nowhere is it safe.

Pleasant Park Fortnite

This problem is also there: Ninja is also excited about the sloping roofs in Pleasent Park. “All those houses where you can not build walls because of the damn roofs!” The streamer curses.

Ninja Fortnite Streamer

This is why landing spots are so important: every pro will practice for hours on different landing spots. Already the landing can decide whether you win or lose. Places that are much contested, or bring little loot, are therefore rather unpopular.

What are your favorite landing spots? Can you understand ninja? Other Fortnite pros have already had a dispute over a landing spot in a tournament.

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