The largest Western MMORPG In Development Is Postponing Release – That’s Behind It


The largest Western MMORPG In Development Is Postponing Release – That’s Behind It

In a live stream, the developers of Ashes of Creation have given some insights behind the scenes. It was also announced that the game will be released in 2020.

That’s the situation: Ashes of Creation claims to be one of the largest Western MMORPGs in development. If you look at the situation, it may currently even be the largest western online role-playing game in development ever. But the development process, which looked so good so far, now takes a dangling.

When should Ashes of Creation appear?

Since the Directors’ Letter on Friday, many have suspected that the MMORPG Ashes of Creation will not be able to release this year. Now 2020 was confirmed as a new goal by Game Director Steven Sharif in the live stream. As a reason for the shifts, he calls it the high standards that the developers have to the game and the move of the developer studio in larger spaces. All other announced dates and dates declared Sharif invalid.

Mass battles delay the development of the game. One of the main problems of the PvP standalone Apocalypse was the performance. Since big battles are planned for the MMORPG, a large part of the developer time flowed in here. The technical details have to be right: The Directors Letter talked about the developers have learned a lot. In the live stream, this was specified.

Especially in the technical area and in the backend improvements should have taken place. These are to enable fast communication between the data, servers, and clients of the players. How many players should participate in the battles? As Ashes of Creation will also be defending its fortresses against other attacks, the performance of the game must be right.

According to Sharif, around 250 players can currently fight in one place,

Without any problems with the performance. However, battles with 500 people are planned for the MMORPG. New trailers to the sieges: So that the sieges can also be extensively tested, the fortress mode should be introduced in Apocalypse.

There was now a little video with material for such a battle:

New employees and workplace

In addition to the technical problems, there were also things that had to make the studio with itself. These include hiring new employees and finding a new workplace. How many new employees have been hired? Actually, Intrepid Studios wanted to grow to 80 to 100 employees last year. This apparently failed due to the high standards of Steven Sharif.

After all, 15 new faces were presented in the Directors Letter.

According to LinkedIn, 43 people are currently working for the studio. New home for Intrepid Studios: In order for the new employees to have space in the offices, the studio has moved to a new home. Here, too, there were delays, because different, actually already ready for signature contracts, but still burst.

For example, one provider sold his building to a new owner just before the signature, which in turn ruptured the contract. Meanwhile, however, they have found a new home, in which the studio will move soon. Metropolis Content creators are satisfied with the current statements. Openness is well received: In our article on the current state of Ashes of Creation, we have pointed out that various content creators are currently very dissatisfied with communication.

This has now changed. In a new video from Paradox Gaming Network, this explains the latest live stream to the best of the studio so far. Other Reddit fans also found the live stream much better than the Directors Letter. The letter was too shallow, while the stream went into great detail.

The fact that the release is moving to 2020 hardly surprised anyone. Instead, it was positively received that the studio now officially communicates this.

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