We Now Know What Shroud In Apex Legends Does Not Understand

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We Now Know What Shroud In Apex Legends Does Not Understand

The popular streamer Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek is actually less known for Ausraster. But Apex Legends has now turned him into a rage quit.

What is Shroud upset about? During a game in Apex Legends, Shroud and his team fought an opposing group. Meanwhile, there were probably significant lags, which is why the enemy team could escape death and take apart Shroud’s team.

The streamer did not put it away well, as his reaction shows, “We literally lost to these guys because of the damn lag. I will break something! Holy shit, I hate it when things are not under my control! ”

Then he abruptly broke off the game and finished the game. You can watch the scene in the video:

That’s “PUBG all over again!”

Why is that so bad? Lags know every player who has more to do with online games. Especially streamers who play such games professionally, the problem should be more than familiar. Shroud draws a parallel to another Battle Royle shooter, PUBG. After leaving the game, he cursed, “I can not play this until it’s fixed. This is like PUBG all over again! “.

The BR shooter PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is also known for its permanent connection and performance issues. Shroud seems to have lost his nerve for such a mistake and to have found his kryptonite with Lags. He is not the only one who seems to have problems with lags. Other streamers like KingRichard complain about the problems.

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