Why Do Not Players In Anthem Manage To Stay In A Circle?


Why Do Not Players In Anthem Manage To Stay In A Circle?

In Anthem, you will be taken to activities and reminded by NPCs and text overlays to your tasks. Micha wonders why the players still cannot get together in a circle for a few minutes.

The Anthem community has been talking about bugs and bugs in the game lately. I can not escape that, but I do not have any big problems. And like to climb into my Javelin in between to do a few laps.

A patch with many fixes and changes for Anthem was released on March 9th.

But I always notice something that annoys me even more than the technical problems: Instead of stopping at a task in a given circle until it is completed, the players are frolicking around on the map. Here we experience a rare natural spectacle: All players are in a circle and the activity progresses, which one sees on the green display.

That’s it: Anthem has several tasks that require players to work together and stay together in a given area. For example, an area needs to be scanned or a relic must be contained. You come across these activities at world events in free play and also in fortresses, such as in the mine of the tyrant.

These targets are indicated by a relatively large green circle on the ground around a relic or other object. Players get an audio message from an NPC that they want to stay nearby. In addition, there is also a display on the screen.

If there are at least three players in the circle, everything is fine and the activity proceeds as planned.

The ad is white, there are not enough players at the finish. If the display is green, everything is tutti.
Players barely react: In all the time I’ve spent in Bastion so far, I have not once experienced all the players in the circle until the activity is completed. This would actually only benefits: The more players participate in the task, the faster it is over.

The progress is even indicated by a bar. If this bar is green, the task progresses quickly. However, if there are too few players in the given area, the bar will know what should actually be an alarm sign.

Why bother: The bad thing is not that the whole activity is unnecessarily prolonged by the missing teammates. Especially at higher levels of difficulty, it may happen that a freelancer overestimates and is turned off by an opponent. If this player is far out of the circle, someone else must leave the area to pick up the other player.

And even if no one dies outside the circle, the team will still be affected if the players fight everywhere on the map: If large numbers of opponents die from the circle, the freelancers at the finish are sometimes missing the lifesaving Heilorbs or even the ammunition.

Too soon pleased: The Alpha Colossus gets ready to jump into the crowd while his little ranger friend is hot on his tail.

What do the players say? In the community, the topic is discussed again and again. With a joke contribution in the anthem subreddit, a freelancer wanted to convince the target refusers, for example, that the drop rate of legendary items will be increased if all the players stay together in a circle.

One player suggested that the malefactors receive a debuff during the county phase that slowly drains their health. This can only be prevented by standing in the green circle.

Others joked that BioWare should introduce a penalty for players who do not want to participate in the tasks. These should receive -1 chance of legendary items each time. Players who had too high a negative value would then lose their already-received powerful items.

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