You’ll Have To Make A Decision In Destiny 2 Soon, Which Is Brutally Easy For Many

Destiny 2

You’ll Have To Make A Decision In Destiny 2 Soon, Which Is Brutally Easy For Many

In Destiny 2, your keeper will face an important decision next week. But many players have long since decided.

This is the decision: Does your loyalty continue to be in the vanguard of Zavala, or are you beating the Vagabond?

This question will be asked next Tuesday, March 12th. And you have to choose a side. Why do I have to decide? On this day, the loyalty quest goes on in Destiny 2. This is exclusive to Annual Pass holders and part of Season 6. Depending on whether you decide on the Vanguard or the Vagabond, you experience the quest from a different perspective. Bungie, therefore, urges you to decide wisely.

The guardians are probably running away from the Zavala. Many guardians do not find the decision difficult.
So many have decided: In the Reddit forum, there were already numerous posts to this loyalty quest, in which the users pronounce in an overwhelming majority “per vagabond”.

“We are all on the side of the vagabond, right?”

Asks a guardian and gets over 1500 upvotes. After all, he is the cool uncle who constantly praises you and honors your accomplishments. Zavala, on the other hand, is like an authoritarian father who warns you against any disobedience. In addition, he was quite uncool for Forsaken launch and did not even want to let us avenge Cayde’s death.

A guardian then also states, “If Zavala really wanted me, he would update his lootpool.” The fact that the dealers in Destiny 2 have no new weapons to offer was recently criticized again. The Vagabond, however, throws in Gambit Prime and the settlement with new weapons around.

Only a few hold up the vanguard flag. So someone writes that we would also oppose Lord Shaxx if we chose the drifter. And he will not face his Dude Shaxx. Many agree. One says: “I really do not like Zavala and Ikora could not care less. But Shaxx, man, yes, I can not face him. ” And others, full of pathos, write that, of course, they will support the vanguard they have been supporting for years.

Nevertheless, the drifter seems to have the masses behind him. He is the fresh, cool character who lures with new power, while Zavala acts too conservative. Such pictures already make the rounds: Even with a survey in the Bungie Forum, the Drifter is clearly ahead of the game. This shows that many guardians are ready to make the brutal cut with the vanguard.

What is known about Loyalty Quest?

What to expect from next week: How the loyalty quest will look concrete, we learn from 12.3. From Bungie, we know that the Loyalty Quest was announced in the months before as the “Des Joker’s Wildcard” quest, which was supposed to be a weekly quest.

How important is the decision? You must choose a page to experience the quest from this perspective. But if you have several characters, you can play both perspectives. Because the decision is made per character – you can choose a path for each one.

Survey Quest: In this poll, tell us whether you will swear allegiance to your (main) character of the Vanguard or the Rover.

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