Halo Infinite Could Offer Live Services Like Destiny Or Fortnite

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Could Offer Live Services Like Destiny Or Fortnite

As it stands, Halo Infinite could offer a live service. This hinted at least one developer of 343.

What does that suggest? Kiki Wolfkill, head of Halo Trans-Media, said in a conversation that when developing the new Halo, it’s important to be able to change content as quickly as possible.

She probably speaks indirectly to a live service, as well as game competitors like Fortnite or Destiny have.

That’s why a live service could come

What does Wolfkill say? At the Brainstorm Design Conference, Wolfkill gives insights into the game’s evolution. So she says:

“We have to be able to change content quickly. We can not afford to wait three years each time we launch a new product because the games that kids play change every week. ”

That could mean it: The rumors about a live service become thereby large. Through such a service, the developers can then intervene in the game and change things again and again. So they could adapt to the changing interests of the players.

Here it is even more clarified: At the conference Wolfkill also said that some rules of the game should keep people busy for years.

Who is Kiki Wolfkill? As head of the transmedia department, she is mainly concerned with how to tell different kinds of halo stories in different media. So she could also be responsible for the fact that some stories develop only with the time so that these stories are only gradually implemented into the game.

How likely is the live service? If you look at the statements by Wolfkill, then there is much to indicate a live service. The developers of 343 have not confirmed that yet.

In order to keep up with the big competition and always offer a new approach, such a feature would be necessary for Halo Infinite.

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