Player Compares Loot In Anthem Before And After Patch, Scares Everyone


Player Compares Loot In Anthem Before And After Patch, Scares Everyone

In Anthem, a lot has changed since the last update on the loot. This could now prove a player who has tested the loot behavior before and after the patch with 200 items.

What was tested? The players believed that looting behavior in Anthem has changed again. This should have been different before the last update 1.03, as after the patch.

In addition, it was assumed that before the update was again a bug at work, which increased the Loot drops significantly. This should have been reversed with the update, much to the annoyance of the players.

On Reddit, the user Kickassinc has now compared the loot before the patch with that after the update. He has collected 200 items before and 200 items after the patch, all on difficulty level GM1 with a +95 luck character.

What did the player find out? Kickassinc did this test under similar conditions in the dungeons in free play with the same equip. In his opinion, he was able to detect two details during his test:

  • The Drop of Mastery Items has been drastically reduced
  • The droop rate of Loot, in general, was significantly lower than before the patch

We have a list of all masterly and legendary items here for you.

So the player said that before patch 1.03 he needed about five hours to collect the 200 items, and after the update for the seven hours. However, with the last patch, ordinary and unusual items from level 30 were removed from the loot pool, so collecting the items could have taken longer.

How does the patch affect? Kickassinc has listed each of the rarities of the items he was able to get before and after the update.

He has before the patch

  • 17 ordinary (white) items, which is 8.5%
  • Received 24 unusual (green) items, which is 12%
  • Obtained 34 rare (blue) items, which is 17%
  • Received 102 epic (purple) items, which is 51%
  • Get 21 Mastery (orange) items, which is 10.5%
  • Get 2 Legendary (yellow) items, which is 1%

After the patch, he was able to

  • Receive 28 rare (blue) items, which is 14%
  • Received 163 epic (purple) items, which is 81.5%
  • Get 7 Mastery (orange) items, which is 3.5%
  • Get 2 Legendary (yellow) items, which is 1%

    The number of epic items has increased dramatically, but the drop chance for Mastery Items has fallen by 66% according to this test. However, it should be kept in mind that the results are still random.

What did the player do with his items?

At the end of his contribution, Kickassinc goes into what he has done with his 400 items. He immediately destroyed 394 items while keeping two epic items because of your harvest bonus. He has also retained two Mastery items, as well as two Legendary items.

Of his 400 items, he has kept a total of six items. However, none of them was an improvement on his Storm build, which he currently plays.

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