The Division 2: These 7 Major Innovations Are Interesting For Veterans

The Division 2

The Division 2: These 7 Major Innovations Are Interesting For Veterans

The release of The Division 2 is imminent. Three years after its predecessor, there are many returnees who now ask themselves: What’s new? We introduce you to 7 of the biggest innovations.

The Division 1 has a turbulent history behind it, but over the years the Shared World shooter has evolved. The Division 2 is continuing on this path. Some fans ask themselves: where are the innovations? While many of the features and systems were already in Part 1 exists in a similar form and have evolved for part 2, there are now some new features that are still missing in The Division first

The Clan Feature

This is new: In The Division 1, there were no possibilities to finding in the game any clans or the like.

Social features existed, but apart from the basic interpretation of co-op gameplay, there were none. In The Division 2, you will now find an extensive clan system.

How does this work? In the game, you can always start a clan. But you have to unlock the features in the story.

Did you do that, these functions will be unlocked:

  • You can start your clan
  • Up to 50 accounts per clan
  • There is a clan search where you can set criteria such as activity, clan atmosphere (relaxed to competitive), language and more
  • You can also set a clan emblem
  • Within a clan, there are own ranks
  • Clans have their own progress system

Everything about the new clan feature we have already summarized for you:

The Bases Of The Fractions

This is new: strongholds, or bases, are missions that are significantly larger than the main missions of the campaign.

In total there are 4 bases, the headquarters of the enemy factions of The Division 2. They play an important role, both in the story and in the endgame.

How does this work? The first 3 bases are already playable during the main campaign. But you have to complete the main missions first. The bases are one of the conditions to get into the endgame. In the endgame finally emerges with Black Tusk the 4th faction and takes all fortresses themselves. Therefore, they have to be completed in a harder version again in order to advance in the world rankings.

Once you have completed all 3 fortresses and achieved world rank 4, Tidal Basin unlocks the 4th fortress. It is the fortress of the Black Tusk.

You can read all information about the endgame progress in our summary.

This is new: In contrast to Part 1, the game world of The Division 2 should be much more dynamic and diversified. To achieve this, Massive has built a system of checkpoints and settlements.

In addition to the safe houses, which are already known from the predecessor, civilians now live in proper settlements and organize themselves into groups. You can interact with civilians inside and outside the story, Accept orders and projects, Deliver resources, trade and also recruiting people who are important to the division’s project. The division 2 settlements. The theater settlement could visit many agents already in the Betas.

In addition, there is a network of dynamic control points distributed throughout the game world. These are highly contested and can be controlled by either civilians or the enemy factions.

How does this work? Civilians and enemy factions are constantly fighting for control of these important issues in the game world. You can assist the civilians in the conquest.

If you capture points,

They will be occupied by civilians. These can constantly provide you with resources such as materials and food and help with the defense. Captured checkpoints also provide loot that matches your level.

  • The division 2 map checkpoints
  • A green checkpoint is under civilian control, red means hostile (beta screenshot)
  • There is finally a photo mode
  • This is new: Many players already wished in the predecessor a possibility to make cool pictures and screenshots.

In The Division 2, players can finally access a photo mode to capture the detailed and immersive world of Washington DC and create cool works of art.

How does this work? The photo mode can be started on the menu. You can move the camera within a certain radius of your character and test different positions. There are filters and other effects.

  • The Division 2 screenshot beta
  • This image was taken with the photo mode in Private Beta
  • The 3 specializations

This is new: In addition to the huge selection of weapons and equipment, there are also the new specializations in the Endgame. These are new progress trees that you can upgrade from level 30 onwards.

How does this work? Each of the 3 specializations comes with an individual weapon, different skill variants, perks, and other benefits.

  • A sniper with a caliber-50 precision rifle,
  • Destruction expert with a grenade launcher
  • Survival specialist with an arm.

So you can expand your preferred style of play and optimize builds even further. Would you rather be a sniper, dealing damage from a distance and targeting enemies with a scanner drone, or would you prefer the destroyer that makes chaos with a shotgun and grenade launcher?

You can always freely switch between the specializations and expand all to the maximum.

The conflict has its own PvP section

This is new: Although there were PvP modes already in The Division 1. But these were more of a nice addition, which were delivered later with DLCs.

In The Division 2, Conflict now has its own PvP section, right to the start.

How does this work? In your operation base you can choose from 2 PvP modes:

  • Skirmish (Team Deathmatch, 4 against 4)
  • Domination (conquer and hold, 4 against 4)
  • The matches take place on their own PvP maps, which were designed especially for these modes.
  • In the first part, only certain sections of the game world were used for the PvP maps.

This is new: Even before the release of The Division 1 fan expressed the desire to be able to play big raids. With the attacks but then mini variants were introduced, larger raids do not exist.

This will change in The Division 2, because shortly after release, the first raid “Operation Dark Hours” start.

How does this work? There is hardly any more detailed information. The only sure thing is that Raids are designed for 8 players and that the venue of Operation Dark Hours will be Washington Ronald Reagan Airport.

Otherwise, there was only vague information from the developers. So the Raid is to make the players really ready and remind more of raids of classic MMORPGs. Exploration obviously becomes a central point of the raid. Dark Hours will be the first but not the last raid. Massive is already planning another 8-player activity.

From the 15th of March, you can convince yourself of the innovations of The Division 2. However, if you order appropriate editions, you can start your holiday in Washington DC from the 12th of March.

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