Apex Legends: Battle Pass Is Not Coming Today – Respawn Says


Apex Legends: Battle Pass Is Not Coming Today – Respawn Says

After the recent flurry of Apex Legends Battle Pass. The developers themselves have responded to Respawn. On Reddit, they announced that the Battle Pass will not come today March 12. And at the same time admonished the players.

What does Respawn say?

In a post on Reddit, the developers directly addressed the community and fans of Apex Legends. Already in the title, it says: “A little clarity about the data mining and Season 1”. It is about more official information:

Hello friends,

Between the data mining and the unwanted update to Season 1 on Origin today, there was much speculation and confusion. That’s why we wanted to create a little clarity:

We will release more details about Season 1, the Battle Pass and the new legend very soon. It does not come today.

Many things have been gedatamined since the release of Apex Legends and are buzzing around the internet. We know it’s fun to dig up these things, but you should not treat such info as a source of truth.

Specifically, it is about the recently occurred leak by Origin itself, through which the new legend Octane and the price of the Battle Pass were apparently prematurely shown.

That’s what data mining is all about: Respawn talks about concrete data mining again. The fans should probably not put too much emphasis on unconfirmed info, because the game files could be present for various reasons:

  • Content that recently deleted because it did not fit
  • Old content that is no longer needed
  • Some things that are still under construction
  • Respawn encourages fans to dismiss any leaks as a rumor, relying solely on official developer information.
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How the community reacts: Most players are disappointed that Season 1 is not yet starting. It was firmly expected that something would happen today, which ironically is due to a leak that spoke of 12 March as a release date.

On the other hand, thanks Respawn for the openness. Many fans appreciate that the developers say at least directly that you do not need to reckon with the update at least today, on March 12th.