Ashes Of Creation Explains Battles For Fortresses And They Have It All

Ashes Of Creation

Ashes Of Creation Explains Battles For Fortresses And They Have It All

In Ashes of Creation, this month’s focus is on fortresses and nodes. That is why more details about the battles for the fortresses have now been published.

What makes fortresses special?

Ashes of Creation has five large and structurally different fortresses, each controlling 20% of the entire map. Correspondingly large is the incentive for a guild to take such a fortress. Fortresses also automatically control three nodes, as areas around them. All three are military and reinforce the fortresses as they expand.

In the conquests of the fortresses, the game provides clear rules in the process.

  • This is how the conquest of a fortress ends
  • This is how the First Conquest Works: At the start of the game, all five fortresses are controlled by NPCs.
  • The first conquest should be like a giant raid.

The guilds have to expand first and equip the players first, before the first attempt at conquest can be started. Once the fortress was occupied by players, only the real battles for control of the world of Ashes of Creation begin.

How to prepare for the attack: After the fort was conquered by players, this can only be attacked four weeks later. But this does not apply to the nodes around the fortress.

The conquest follows a fixed cycle:

  • In the first week after conquering/defending a fortress, Node 1 can be attacked
  • Second week the node 2
  • Third week the node 3
  • Fourth week the fortress itself
  • For attackers, it is important to weaken the three nodes of the fortress, so that the fortress itself loses its defensive strength.

The attack itself should be more tactical in nature, according to the developers, and not just based on winning with a mass of players.

How is the attack going?

The battle for the fortress begins with siege weapons tearing the outer walls of the fortress. Defenders, on the other hand, can build siege weapons to use against attackers. Depending on how well the three nodes of the fortress are preserved, these weapons are stronger or weaker.

Within the fortresses, there are capture points that affect resuscitation rates. In addition, the capture points strengthen the respective faction.

While at the beginning, of course, the defending faction controls these points,

The attackers can gradually advance further into the fortress and also gain small victories for these points. At the core of the fortress is a crystal. If this is conquered, the fortress changes hands.

Details in the destruction of the fortress: In the latest blog post by Intrepid Studios is mentioned that in the battles much emphasis on details. Siege weapons should only produce small holes when destroying the ramparts and not tear off the entire wall directly. But even these small holes can be useful in the conquest.

Differences between fortresses and cities

Fortresses control 20% of the world, but there are also many nodes, and in turn, cities that can be expanded by smaller guilds. What are the differences between fortresses and cities? Cities, as well as fortresses, can be attacked and defended. Cities can be expanded and start as a small outpost and can become a huge metropolis.

However, cities are subject to a fortress and give to these taxes. In return, the fortress should strive to defend attacked cities. After all, the owners of the fortress also want their cities to come to their aid during the great battle.

The management of a fortress should be more demanding according to the developers and require the cooperation of an entire guild. Cities, on the other hand, can be handled more easily, but can also be conquered.

Housing in the cities: In the cities, players can build their own houses and make them at will. The further a city grows, the more and the bigger houses there are.

Fortress Mode in Apocalypse

The PvP-Standalone Apocalypse is about to receive the fortress mode to test these huge battles. Planned are fights of 200 against 200 players.

What about classes and siege weapons ?: In this fortress mode, first classes and siege weapons are to be used. When exactly the game mode appears, has not been revealed.

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