Either Borderlands 3 On 28.3 Presented Or Gearbox Trolls Again


Either Borderlands 3 On 28.3 Presented Or Gearbox Trolls Again

As early as March 28, there will be an important announcement from the developers of Gearbox. A teaser gives hope that it is the Borderlands 3 Reveal.

What was announced?

On Twitter, developer Gearbox shared a photo on March 12th. You can see a street sign on which reads “March 28, Boston MA”. Above is a smaller sign with the inscription “Exit 3”.The scene is in the typical comic style of the Borderlands franchise. The assumption is therefore obvious that the announcement also has to do with Borderlands. The small sign with the “3” lets fans hope that this month the announcement of Borderlands 3 will finally take place. Others remain skeptical and suspect that it might be trolling again.

Why on the 28th of March? During the Pax East, Developer Gearbox has a spot on the program on March 28th. There they want to show “Reveals, exclusivities and surprises never saw before”.

So far, we know about Borderlands 3: Not much is known about Borderlands 3. Over the past few years, the developers have been teasing little bits and pieces in the direction of this game.

In 2017, it became clear that about 400 people were working on a game from Gearbox that many are waiting for
At first, it was still from a release in 2018/2019, but that has then done
Now we know that a hotly awaited game should come in the fiscal year 2020 – that would be in the period from 1 April 2019 to March 2020.
The fans say: Players who like the Borderlands franchise have been waiting for the announcement of the big “3” for a long time. Accordingly positive the reactions of the fans now also fall out.

On Reddit, a user writes: “The exit number is either a big tip or a wrong track. I expect a BL1 remaster announcement for April / May and as bonus Borderlands 3 in September. ”

Another Reddit user writes expectantly: “The top right corner says” Exit 3 “, so it’s Borderlands 3, right? OR?”

That’s why fans believe a trolling: After in recent years, again and again, expectations were raised, which they did not end with an announcement of Borderlands 3, but there is also a degree of skepticism.

So the chief developer Randy Pitchford tweeted before the E3 2018 clear signs for an announcement of Borderlands 3. Underneath “There are only 3 things on my to-do list today. But I also scheduled 3 meetings before 3 PM. Does the universe want to tell me something? ”

But at the Game Awards, BL3 was not introduced and fans were frustrated. That’s why you’re skeptical now.

On Reddit, a user writes, “I can not wait to see that this will be anything but Borderlands 3.”

Another writes: “They announce 3 remasters: Borderlands 1, 2 and The Pre-Sequel.”

Now players want to wait until March 28 and see what’s really behind the announcement. Do you believe in an announcement from Borderlands 3?

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