Fortnite Admits Stupid Mistake: Exclusive Nvidia Skin Was In The Shop


Fortnite Admits Stupid Mistake: Exclusive Nvidia Skin Was In The Shop

At Fortnite, developer Epic has admitted a mistake. A specific skin package was actually tied exclusively to Nvidia graphics cards, but the skins were sold in the shop. Now Epic is planning a redress.

Where does the information come from?

The report comes from a Reddit user who has emailed Epic Customer Support. They have acknowledged the mistake and promised compensation. The site Dexerto got this information confirmed by Epic Games, they say.

This skin is about: It was an action by Nvidia from December 2018. The offered three graphics card bundles specifically for Fortnite.

A special skin package was attached to each of the three bundles:

  • On the GTX 1060 bundle for 289 €
  • The GTX 1070 bundle for 429 €
  • And on the GTX 10700 TI Bundle for 479 €
  • The action is still running at some partners, although the prices are now much cheaper.

It was thought at the time that Nvidia had produced too many of these graphics cards to cover the crypto-mining needs but then remained on the cards as the hype dropped.

That was the problem: at the beginning of March 2019 parts of the bundle were suddenly easy to buy in Fortnite’s cash-shop. So you got for about 1200 V-Bucks about the skin.

Players felt duped, after all, they had been promised that this particular Fortnite skin would be exclusive to the graphics cards.


Alternative skins for Nvidia owners are coming

Epic says: Epic admits an error here. One would have sold items from the “Counterattack Set” in the cash-shop, although one had previously said, this site was exclusive to the Nvidia bundles.

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Therefore, you want to give all buyers of the Nvidia Bundles a new version of the “Counterattack” skink. Experience will probably take a few more days.

In this way, Epic had already tried to defuse earlier double skins.

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