Fortnite Leaked Skins: You Can Find These Outfits In The Shop Soon


Fortnite Leaked Skins: You Can Find These Outfits In The Shop Soon

In Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks on skins, outfits, gliders and other stuff are again released. See what you can buy in-game or through promos soon.

After the last patch to Fortnite, there was not just the new bullet vehicle. Dataminer also found tons of skins in the code. Above all, ninjas and high-tech soldiers dominate.

The coming skins

These are the highlights of the skins: The theme of Season 8 in Fortnite are ninjas, pirates and mysterious temples. At least the ninjas have the upper hand in the current leaks because there are several shadow warrior outfits:

  • Kuno: A female ninja with white hair and bandages
  • Kenji: The male version of Kuno
  • Psion: A high-tech soldier with a cool night vision device
  • Axiom: The male form of Psion.
  • Marino: A tropical soldier with bright green body armor
  • Laguna: The female counterpart to Marino. She wears red instead of green.

The upcoming pickaxes

These are the highlights of the harvesting tools: In the code, a lot of axes and pickaxes were found. Particularly cool is the tree stump “Stumpy”. Here you can see all the glazed back parts in a gallery:

The coming back parts

These are the highlights of Back Bling: The Leak reveals some cool backs. They suit the two new ninjas and the high-tech troopers. But if you get the banana bag or the crystal lama, you will not see it.

The known back parts look pretty cool. Especially the ninja parts and the banana backpack should quickly become popular.

Where are new gliders and emotes? About the Leaker have probably received no information so far. At least nothing is known yet, which emotes and gliders the developers want to bring into play in the future.

Stay Tuned For More Updates

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