The Elder Scrolls Online – Wrathstone DLC And Update 21 Are Now Also Available On PS4

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The Elder Scrolls Online – Wrathstone DLC And Update 21 Are Now Also Available On PS4

Bethesda has now released the Wrathstone DLC and Update 21 for ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’. For PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and once again summarized all the details.

Wrathstone opens the Dragon’s yearlong season with two new dungeons – the Deep of Malatar and the Frost Vault. The DLC leads to the events of the epic chapter Elsweyr. Which will be released on June 4 and introduce dragons into ESO for the first time. Each dungeon holds one half of the ancient Grollstein tablet. The key Abnur Tharn later used to open the colossal halls, unconsciously letting go of the dragons on Elsweyr.

The heroes of ESO are assigned to fight through the dungeons to obtain both halves of the Grollstein tablet. In the depths of Malatar. She awaits an ancient Ayleidian ruin beneath a secret imperial fortress, while the Frost Vault is a Dwemer vault of traps, automatons, and goblins.

Both dungeons can be passed in a normal version, a veteran version, and a difficult veteran version. If players pass these challenges for four players, they will receive powerful new item sets and unique collectibles, including a new appearance and a peaceful companion. The Wrathstone DLC expansion will be available to all ESO Plus members for free and available for purchase in the Crown Store.

Details about the update 21
Update 21, along with the new Dungeon Pack, includes a number of new features and new features for all players, including a new battlefield map and PvP rewards, passive skill changes, guild deal rewrite, and more.

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