These 10 Tips For The Division 2 I Would Like To Know In Advance

The Division 2

These 10 Tips For The Division 2 I Would Like To Know In Advance

In our special, we give you 10 useful tips and tricks to help you get started in The Division 2.

The Division 2 officially does not officially appear until March 15th, but some can play since the 12th and some even since the 11th of March thanks to Early-Access. We, therefore, have 10 tips that you should already be helpful – or at least the official release.

Annoyed by reinforcement calls? You can disable it

What are reinforcement calls? If these requests are active, you can always get a message in the game that a player needs help for a particular activity. If you confirm them, you can join groups of players directly.

Although the reinforcement request is a cool feature, it has already annoyed many in the private and open beta, as the messages can permanently popping up. But you can easily disable them.

To disable the boost calls: Open the card and switch to SHD. There you should now get the option “incoming reinforcement calls: on/off”. Set it to “off” and you should already have peace.

Alternatively, this feature can be disabled in the “Game Progress” settings at the bottom of the “Boost Status” section.

Take a look at the HUD options

The Division 2 offers a number of options to optimize your HUD. Do you want a permanent user interface? Or should it be hidden when it is not needed? Where should the minimap be located? And how big should the group ad be? You can do it all separately and place it at will. How to edit your HUD layouts: Just go to your menu, under “Settings” you will find the HUD category. Here you can then play around freely and reset everything if you do not like it. It can also produce quite a nonsense, as this screenshot shows:

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Do not dismantle everything you find

Many are likely to start quickly dissecting useless loot. This is an option to get material.

But there are projects in civilian settlements where you can donate materials, resources, and equipment. If you complete these projects, there are rewards such as blueprints, credits, and bounties.

So you should first see if you donate your loot rather for projects. Just drop by the Project Officers of each base and check out what they need. It does not hurt to carry 2 or 3 additional items from each piece of armor.

Save your credits

Veterans should already know the principle. Before level 30, it’s hardly worth investing credits in equipment. Too fast in the level, opponents usually drop enough useful equipment.

So save the credits you collect during the game and save them for the endgame. Of course, if you see a particular part of the store that you really want to have, you can, of course, access it.

Return to the White House regularly

Your base of operations is an important place to return to again and again. Especially at the beginning, it’s worth it because you can always find SHD tech and unlock new perks, skills, and their skill mods.

How do I unlock the perks and skills? Perks cost you SHD-tech, which you can find by playing missions and in containers of the game world.

For skills, you need skill points that can be unlocked by completing story missions. All this can be done at the Quartermaster in the White House.

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In the White House, you also have an overview of the projects and several dealers whose offers you can check.

Level faster with the right perks

Just at the beginning, you can speed up the level process by unlocking the right perks at the White House Quartermaster.

There are several stages:

  • Headshot Award
  • Multi-Kill Award
  • Weakness award
  • Award Tactical killing
  • Survivor

Each of these levels brings you a new way to earn bonus XP through certain kill methods. This will help you to move up the level faster.

Visit the safe houses

Safe houses in The Division 2 are not only more civilian hideaways and fast-transit points for you, but they also provide useful information on your first visit.

Safe houses have this benefit: Once you enter a safe house and go to the computer, you can retrieve the data. Then all missions and SHD containers of each district will be revealed on your card.

So you can easily find about your map SHD tech if you want to unlock new perks or skills.

You need equipment? Conquer control points

In the game world of The Division 2, there are several checkpoints that are either under the control of the enemy factions or can be taken and held by you and the civilians.

If you’re looking for loot, these checkpoints are a great way to bring your gear to your level.

How to conquer the checkpoints: Enemy checkpoints can be attacked either alone, with your friends and additional reinforcements. If you enter the area, you can use a flare gun to summon allied NPCs.

  • In the first phase, you must capture the area and eliminate an elite opponent.
  • Once you have captured the position, you will be attacked by enemy reinforcements.
  • If you repel them, the checkpoint is yours and you can open a room containing several loot boxes of equipment and supplies.
  • It’s best to wait that long until you have a level-up. Then you can equip yourself directly for the new level.
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Turn off the HUD in photo mode

  • If you’re a hobbyist and want to take cool snapshots in Washington, DC, there is photo mode.
  • With it, you can stop anytime and take pictures that you can edit before. Before you start, you should know that you have to turn off the menu in photo mode to shoot real pictures.
  • If you do not do it manually yourself, the HUD will be on your picture. This can ruin many cool screenshots in the worst case scenario.
  • How do I turn off the HUD? This will be shown to you in the photo mode menu. On the PS4 it’s the “Options” button.

Connection problems? Switches the servers

If you have problems with lags and the connection while playing, you should try a server change.

How do I change the server? Go to the menu and press on the left on “Social”. Next click on your name, where you have the option to search for a better server on the right. This option is probably only available if the game tells you that you have a bad connection to the server.

Alternatively: Just find a group through the player search. If you do not want to continue playing with this group, leave them. You should still be in a new instance. Logging out and logging in should also help.

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