This 13-Year-Old Fortnite Streamer Is Deaf And Just Loves Twitch


This 13-Year-Old Fortnite Streamer Is Deaf And Just Loves Twitch

On Twitch, many eyes are focused on “ewokttv”. This young Fortnite -streamers inspires thousands of spectators. The special: She is deaf and the audience hears nothing in the stream.

That’s why it’s so popular right now: The 13-year-old girl has been pushed to Twitch by numerous Fortnite professionals in recent days. For example, well-known streamer Timothy “TimTheTatman” Betar hosted their channel, bringing hundreds of viewers.

The special thing is that these viewers not only stayed for a short time but now they have consistently over 1000 people on their stream. It continues to maintain this popularity.

That’s why the girl arrives so well

This is how their stream runs: The girl herself can not hear the sound, which is why her viewers are put in the same situation. The only thing you hear is the subscribers coming on their Twitch channel.

That’s how she delights: Her handicap does not seem to limit the girl. So she plays mainly aggressive and wins many matches. Many spectators are excited about how many kills she gets and how many rounds she wins.

Even professionals become victims: The girl regularly plays against professionals. A video shows, for example, how she defeated the professional “Reverse2k” tough. This one has no chance.

How successful is she? Currently, the 13-year-old already has over 2100 subscribers, who must have signed at least a subscription for € 4.99. She also has over 22,000 followers. Some clips from her already have over 100,000 views.

So it should go on: Due to the skills of ewokttv professionals now want to induce that they will be included in the junior program of the professional team “SoloMid”. It remains to be seen if this will happen soon.

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