With This Endgame Build, The Interceptor In Anthem Can Even Heal Itself


With This Endgame Build, The Interceptor In Anthem Can Even Heal Itself

The Interceptor is the most acrobatic Javelin in Anthem. With this endgame build, you achieve the optimal mix of attack and defense. Through special effects, you can refill your shield at any time.

Therefore, we recommend this build: With this balanced compilation, we use the nimbleness of the Interceptor in tandem with various temporary damage bonuses. The skills and weapons offer not only offensive but also defensive applications.

Who is this build for? For trained Interceptor pilots who want to be in slaughter for as long as possible and defeat each target in close combat without neglecting their defenses.


We use these skills:

  • Attack System: Snake Veil (Poison Bomb)
  • Hit System: Sanadeen’s Rest (Plasma Star)
  • Strength System: Battle Cry

That’s what the skills do:

Snake Veil (Primer): Enhanced Poison Bomb. Increases all acid damage by 100% for melee kills for 10 seconds.
anthem-masterful-gift-bomb snake veil
Sanadeen’s Rest: Improved Plasma Star. Weak point hits instantly restore 35% of the shield system.
anthem-masterful Plasma-star-sanadeens-rest
Sanadeen’s rest is the throwing star for this build.
Battle Cry: Free yourself and your allies from all negative status effects.


We need these components:

  •  1: Conductive grid
  •  2: Path of speed
  •  3: Path of adaptation
  •  4: Path of Determination
  •  5: Volatile talisman
  •  6: Retaliatory Matrix


These weapons are best suited for this build: The Endless Combat Rifle Pistol and the Glittering Fortress Shotgun.

Here you can find out which weapons are best suited to the other Javelins.

Endless fight

What can this weapon do? The Endless Battle is the improved version of the “Fulcrum”. This fully automatic pistol has a high rate of firing and a mediocre impact force.

This submachine gun will boost your weapons and melee as you hit nearby enemies. Therefore, this weapon fits the build: The additional effect of this weapon enriches the proximity-oriented game style of the Interceptors many times. “Gladiator’s Fury” will boost your equipment by 110% most of the time, as long as you stay close enough to your opponents.

Glistening Fortress

What can this weapon do? The Glittering Fortress is the improved version of the “conspirator”. If you hold down the trigger of this shotgun, the firing cone shrinks and the scattering becomes more compact.

The Glistening Fortress not only has nice red paint, but also a unique shot mechanism. That’s why this weapon fits the build: Due to the additional effect of this weapon, the glistening fortress is ideal as a defensive protection option. Since this weapon is more of a side-tool in this build, it’s still helpful to get back into combat quickly. The important thing is that you land 8 bullets of a shot. If this succeeds, your shield system will immediately be boosted by 35%.

Why is this build well in the endgame?

The components provide the Interceptor’s melee attack with important effects and damage bonuses that you can use to get along well on the Grandmaster levels. Your main focus is to integrate the Endless Fight into your gameplay as often as possible and make good use of your improved Plasma Stars.

A casual Interceptor Javelin with poison green hexagon pattern. This is the procedure: Thanks to your components, you gain certain advantages when using your evasive maneuvers. Your weapon, Endless Battle, gives you enough damage bonuses to stay in the middle of the action. So it’s up to you to use the Interceptor’s evasive maneuvers as often as possible, and skillfully concatenate your abilities while keeping a close eye on your buffs.

Never jump into close combat without first throwing in the poison bomb (snake veil). This ability is a primer, and after a successful combo attack, gives you an acid aura that weakens surrounding enemies and deals damage over time.

The effective radius of the poison bomb:

Not huge, but sufficient. The Poison Bomb is an ideal skill to weaken enemies for you and your team, as it has a good range of impact and increases incoming damage to enemies. Acid proves to be the easiest way to prepare a boss for combos, compared to other elements. In addition, the added effect of Snake Veils makes the poison bomb even more effective with melee kills. Use this ability as often as possible.

The plasma stars (Sanadeen’s rest) give you a distinct advantage if you can hit it precisely. You will also receive a short-term damage buff if you have thrown your poison bomb in advance. Short hit sequences increase the damage all the more.

On a successful weak point hit, the plasma stars replenish 35% of your shield system, allowing you to stay in the battlefield longer without taking cover and waiting for your shield system to charge. If you hit an enemy’s weak spot with 3 of 4 plasma stars, your shield will be nearly full.

Even the oversized vermin have their weak points. If that’s not enough, you can switch to your Shotgun Shining Fortress and shoot down enemy enemies. If the 8 bullets hit, you will instantly get 35% shield charge on each shot. So you can keep up your shield with skillful evasive maneuvers, without ever withdrawing from battle.

Small hint: If the shield system has started to regenerate

You should avoid it immediately. With every evasive maneuver, you get a small piece of Shield capacity. This only works after the Shield indicator have started to recharge.

Although your armor does not charge itself on its own, if you work hard with your close combat, you should often pick up one or the other repair kit.

Acid also weakens boss opponents.

Negative status effects such as fire or electricity can be dealt with immediately with the help of your Strengthening Battle Cry. These are especially dangerous because they can hinder your shield charge and make you more vulnerable to damage.

These are the effects of the components:

  • Conductive Grid (1): Increases Electro-Damage, Electro-Resistance, and reduces their cooldown by 20% each.
  • A short melee hit series (3) triggers an electrical explosion.
  • The way of Speed (2): Increases attack system damage by 5%. A hit with the attack system increases the damage of the hit system by 50% for 5 seconds.
  • Adjustment Path (3): Increases Acid Damage, Acid Resistance, and Oxygen Capacity by 20% each.
  • A small Skill series (2) increases damage output by 30% for 5 seconds.
  • Path of Determination (4): Increases melee damage by 10%. Dodge increases melee damage by 40% for 10 seconds.
  • Volatile Talisman (5): Increases weapon damage by 25%. Dodge 3 times refills the equipped weapon magazine.
  • Retribution Matrix (6): Increases all damage output by 50% and increases damage taken by -25%. In Critical Wound, any damage output is increased by 25% for 5 seconds.

This is what the components in the build do

These are exclusively masterful components. These will give you passive shield and armor bonuses that will allow you to survive in the battle for as long as possible in the endgame.

Here is a list of all Mastery and Legendary items.

Slightly worn, but still ready to fight: The Interceptor in its original livery. This is what the components do while playing:

With the addition of Conductive Grid (1)

Enemies with a shield system become a challenge. The electric blast deals with shields in the blink of an eye as you stun the enemy permanently and keep them in a stun lock. In addition, this component will give you a nice little reduction for all your cooldowns.

With Speed of Flight (2)

Your plasma stars will become significantly more effective for a short time, rewarding quick skill chaining. A short hit series increases the damage by a further 30% thanks to Adaptation (3). In addition, the acid effect of your poison bomb is even more potent.

Path of Determination (4)

and Volatile Talisman (5) will give you extremely good effects after using your evasive maneuvers. With the latter component, you’ll never have to wait for annoying reloading times. The name of your weapon, Endless Battle, takes on a whole new meaning and is many times more effective. If you do everything right, you might even dance a ballet of death.

The Retaliatory Matrix (6) increases your total damage considerably, at the expense of your defense. However, if you get the hang of Sanadeen’s Calm and Glimmering Fortress then that should not be a serious deficit for you anymore.

  • This build is suitable for the adrenaline junkies among the Interceptors.
  • Inscriptions: You should pay attention to this
  • Inscriptions are equipment features that give your Javelin or your item decisive advantages.
  • You can find them below each item with a Rarity level of Ordinary or higher.

Which inscriptions are there and what they effect we have summarized here for you.

  • These universal inscriptions are suitable for this build:
  • +% Damage – Increases your total damage output
  • Combo +% Damage – Increases your combo damage caused
  • Melee +% Damage – Increases the damage of your melee attack
  • Shield +% Capacity – Increases the capacity of your shield system
  • Armor +% Maximum – Increases the maximum value of your armor
  • [Hit System] In percent Damage – Increases the damage of your Plasma Stars
  • [Hit System] +% Cooldown – Reduces the cooldown of your Plasma Stars
  • [Row Fire Pistol] +% Damage – Increases the damage of Endless Battle

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