Diablo – New Notes On Netflix Series Leaked


Diablo – New Notes On Netflix Series Leaked

The collaboration between Netflix and Blizzard considered an open secret. Now the previously leaked “Diablo” series is becoming more and more likely due to a new patent.

About six months ago, film producer Andrew Cosby hit the headlines when he announced his involvement in a Diablo television series. However, Netflix commissioned production never officially announced. Cosby put out the corresponding tweets within a very short time. And even at last year’s Blizzcon, there was nothing to see.

However, the project does not seem to be buried for a long time yet. As a patent pending now shows. This was registered by Blizzard and clearly indicates the series.

A unique entry

Specifically, it is an entry now removed to protect the “Diablo” brand, which is said to be a “downloadable series. Or film based on a video game and provided by a video-on-demand Demand Service. (handle)

“Video-on-Demand-Service” most likely means the production partner Netflix.

Even if it’s an open secret, the official announcement has not yet announced anything about the “Diablo” series. But we still expect the first trailer this year. Because Blizzard is currently working on several projects on the universe:

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