Dying Light 2 Will Be The “First Game Of Its Kind”


Dying Light 2 Will Be The “First Game Of Its Kind”

Dying Light 2 will be the “first game of its kind” – at least that’s what Techland claims. Is there something in it?

Big words that Techland puts in her mouth. To be precise, she takes Dying Light 2-proudent Kornel Jaskula over to GamesRadar in the mouth. With the new Zombie Schnetzel game, Techland not only wants to offer a new, bigger and more exciting world for the players but also to try out some new gameplay mechanics. Dying Light 2 is about decisions and their consequences.

This is our impression of the E3 demonstration of Dying Light 2.

Now you might think, ” I already know from BioWare games or the adventures of Telltale! “But what Techland wants to create in Dying Light 2, goes a few steps beyond the other two examples. Instead of offering a choice of two choices, there should be much more. In addition, these opportunities also have real consequences. The game should change accordingly. In other words, you should get other quests if you choose a specific option. But all of these decisions should also affect the world around you.

As a result, Kornel Jaskula hopes for increased replay value and many different worlds. For example, as a player, you should be able to join your friend’s world, which may then offer completely different quests, vegetation, and other gameplay elements. If you really do join a zombie apocalypse.

What do you think: Will Dying Light 2 really be the first game of its kind and thus set new standards or are these just big words that should impress and in the end, it’s all as usual? Write us your opinion below in the comment section.