Fade To Silence – Release Confirmed In April

Fade To Silence

Fade To Silence – Release Confirmed In April

THQ Nordic and Black Forest Games will be releasing their open-world Fade to Silence game in April for PlayStation 4. Xbox One and the PC, set against a cold and deadly backdrop to a post-apocalyptic winter.

As a player, Fade to Silence takes on the role of Ash. A born leader who has to face his own demons. In this role, you will explore post-apocalyptic. Icy wastelands to gather the resources needed to survive and set up a hiding place. But with dwindling resources.  You’ll soon have to embark on dangerous expeditions even for simple tasks such as upgrading equipment and collecting materials. You’ll have to traverse vast areas where you’ll meet some weird monsters. And a far worse opponent: the merciless winter.

The frosty temperatures are constantly taking their toll, but the deadliest danger comes from the blizzards. If one is surprised by them, one’s own life depends on three things – one’s own ability, one unrestrained willpower and a good deal of luck.

Fade to Silence will be released on April 30, 2019.