For Honor – Riposte Of The Black Priority Event Started

For Honor

For Honor – Riposte Of The Black Priority Event Started

Ubisoft today launched the Riposte of the Black Priority event in ‘For Honor’, which includes a new and time-limited game mode. The event explores the background of the Black Priorities and their significant role in the history of For Honor.

The new game mode introduced during the event allows players to experience one of the biggest battles of the faction war: the War of Attrition. This new time-limited 4v4 mode is a variation of Reign mode with a unique set of rules. During the War of Attrition, attackers gain points by conquering sub-zones. Each zone is worth 500 points and can not be recovered by the defenders after the Conquest. Defenders earn points by killing soldiers and enemy players. Both teams can also conquer the main road, which is worth 500 points. The first team, which reaches 1000 points, will smash the opposing team.

During the two-week event, For Honor players can also carry out daily thematic missions that trace the history of the war of attrition from the perspective of each faction. In addition, the owners of the extension “Arching Fire” can participate in unique weekly quests via the arcade mode.

Additionally, Black Prior Riposte offers players a variety of customization items and rewards based on the style of the event. This includes outfits, weapons, mood effects, emotes and ornaments. From March 14th through the 28th, players can purchase the Black Prioren Bundles Riposte for 30,000 steel per hero. This price may vary, depending on which items the players have already unlocked from the bundle.

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