Hearthstone: The New Extension “Conspiracy Of Shadows” Becomes Ü.BEL


Hearthstone: The New Extension “Conspiracy Of Shadows” Becomes Ü.BEL

While the Marvel Universe is packed with superheroes to save the world, next month’s Hearthstone is unlikely to happen.

Only a few weeks ago it was announced that with Baku and Genn two crucial cards will leave the standard format of Hearthstone. However, the game will not be lacking variety as there are already 135 new cards ready to keep the game fresh.

These cards are from the expansion Conspiracy of Shadows, which will be released on April 9, 2019. The focus is on master thief Rafaam, who had to endure a bitter low in the Hearthstone adventure The Explorer League.

But now he’s back and has received support sinister: So he recruited King Togwagge l, Madame Lazul, Dr. Bumm and Hagatha the witch for his rogue league Ü.BEL and you too will support their dark machinations. Instead of standing on the side of the heroes, as usual, the rogue league is helping the Shadows conspire to realize their evil plans.

Clear that it also new mechanics and card types may not be missing. A first look at the contents of the extension, we can present you now. New are among other things lackeys and twin magic. First, are servants of evil with nasty fighting cries.

Gemini spells, on the other hand, give an extra copy of the card after casting, but only once. Hearthstone got a lot of competition in 2018. These games are currently vying for the card game throne:

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