Seto Kaiba Draws His Cards In Jump Force


Seto Kaiba Draws His Cards In Jump Force

And another character from Yu-Gi-Oh! will play his card in Jump Force. Are you going to choose Seto Kaiba?

A new character appears on the Battlefield of Jump Force. Seto Kaiba is one of the most famous characters from Yu-Gi-Oh! The self-loving company boss plays excellent Duel Monsters and fights at least in the series with his blue-eyed dragon. Whether he will use them now in the game is likely, but still unclear.

Take a look at the story of the game

What we think of the controller full of anime and manga heroes, you can read in the test of our editor Lisa.

If you want to play with Kaiba, you have to buy the Character Pass to the game. In addition to the duelist and owner of Kaiba Corp. will follow two more characters in May. However, their identity has not been revealed so far. In addition, there should be avatar skills and costumes in this package.

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