The No Man’s Sky Universe Is Still Full Of Hate – Literally


The No Man’s Sky Universe Is Still Full Of Hate – Literally

” I used to live on an FU Sean Murray planet. “- A natural law of life is without question that nothing disappears completely, but only changes its state. Even the No Man’s Sky Universe can not completely dissociate itself from the hatred of the game – it still exists in full bloom, only in a slightly different form.

No Man’s Sky is a journey through time. And not in the sense of a science fiction story or Stargate-like portals; No, the time travel here is a game mechanic: Since the beginning of No Man’s Sky, players can name and upload planets and all the odd-and-bumpy creatures and objects on them – so other players will see it happen by chance. There are even credits, and it is no wonder that many – but – planet – have been named. Great names. Funny name. Useful name. WTF names like ” Do not come here ” or sad names like ” No new friends .”

Some of the names were most likely made several years ago, and hardly anything could better document how much hatred the game had been given back then. There is a planet called ” No 60 Dollar Game “; and a redector admits that he has been living on a “Fuck thee, Sean Murray ” planets for a while.

I’ve always wondered how long it would be before No Man’s Sky’s gigantic universe was fully explored. While this may not be the case for a long time to come, it is more and more common for players to encounter – or even name – already found planets. Every time they go through a journey through time, because who knows who discovered this planet? Who knows what he was thinking? And what adventures he has experienced here; maybe even its base is in some colorful jungle on the surface.

No Man’s Sky has become a smorgasbord of player news through this nice game mechanic; a kind of mass consciousness through time, right up to the very beginning of the game. I sincerely hope that Hello Games will never change or delete the names of the planets – then someday there will be someone who also reads my little messages.

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