Ubisoft And Id Software Team Up With Google


Ubisoft And Id Software Team Up With Google

Google has made headlines in gaming for a few days now. At GDC 2019 they want to introduce something big. For this, they have now also brought appropriate names on board.

At the GDC 2019, Google will show a big show. The internet giant will be a big part of the gaming business in the future. That’s why you’ve got some big names and now teaser the conference with more and more information.

As it has now become known via Twitter, id Software, which you may know from Doom, will be part of the Google show. In addition, they invited Ubisoft to the conference . Especially with the latter opinions differ widely. But regardless of personal taste, Ubisoft is one of the largest developers and publishers in the world and is certainly a competent partner in gaming.

But that does not complete the allies. At the GDC, Google will invite Crystal Dynamics developers as special guests, as well as Amy Hennig, who was responsible for Uncharted.

What’s up with the new Vice President on Google, you read in our message of March 14, 2019:

Note on Google console? Game Developer Becomes New Vice President at Google
Even before this year’s GDC is clear: Google wants to actively participate in the gaming industry. With a teaser to their keynote event at the Games Developer Conference 2019, they make that very clear. You can convince yourself of the teaser in the following video:

For more gaming on Google is not only the teaser, but also the new vice-president. We’re talking about Jade Raymond, a video game producer with big names and years of experience. At Ubisoft, she worked on titles from the Assassin’s Creed series, Watch Dogs and Splinter Cell. She was involved in Star Wars Battlefront 2 at Electronic Arts. In that regard, it is interesting that her former employer Ubisoft is listed as one of the partners for Google. The two companies already worked together on Google’s Project Stream.

I’m glad I can finally share with you that I’m going to VP on Google,” Jade Raymond writes on Twitter. Nobody knows exactly what exactly she will become Vice-President. But her move to Google is a clear indication of a possible console project and almost a guarantee for more gaming from Google. After the GDC on March 18, 2019, we will know more.

Do you think another console will be able to hold its own against the existing competition when it comes from Google? What games will Google be developing in the future? Write your opinion below in the comment section

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