Battlefield 5: Fan Protests In Front Of DICE Headquarters, Becoming A Community Hero


Battlefield 5: Fan Protests In Front Of DICE Headquarters, Becoming A Community Hero

Small protest action in front of the headquarters of Battlefield 5

Developer DICE in Stockholm is celebrated by the community and turned a helpful fan into a hero.

Why protest?

In Battlefield 5, many players have already bought or bought just about all the cosmetic items that the game has to offer. Fans have been asking for more customization options for quite some time, which DICE has already promised.

However, there is no concrete date for the new cosmetics and fans are becoming increasingly impatient. Exactly against this condition, a fan has now protested alone and worked out almost overnight a hero status in the Battlefield Community.

So it came to the protest action:

The trigger of the action was a contribution to Reddit. There, a user got upset about the lack of cosmetics and said he would protest in front of DICE’s headquarters if Battlefield 5 offered the same stuff in the Arsenal over the next 12 hours.

Shortly thereafter, he probably realized that the headquarters of DICE is located in Stockholm and already rowed back: “I could have made a mistake there. I hope the flight tickets to Stockholm are reasonably priced. ”

But some time later,

The redditor reported STEVE_AT_CORPORATE and offered to protest in his place. He would live near Stockholm and would not have to work the next day. From the community with sayings like “Please send us a video on how to handle Pepper Spray”, Steve clarified quickly what to put on the poster. After agreeing on “DICE pls”, Steve fell silent on Reddit.

Hardly anyone would have thought seriously that he actually pulls the action. But they should soon be taught a lesson. This is how the protest action went: Because shortly afterward STEVE_AT_CORPORATE actually posted his protest action on Reddit with the words: “You all thought, I will not do it. You are all wrong. ”

A video shows the head office of DICE and then turns to Steve,

Who holds up a poster with the inscription “DICE pls”. That’s what the fans say: This action gave STEVE_AT_CORPORATE hero status on Reddit within a very short time. His action celebrated hard by the fans and showered with praise and recognition.

Steve’s contribution came in just a few hours to over 5,000 upvotes. He is a noble knight, a true hero and the action would once again prove that Reddit always finds a way.

That’s how the developers react:

The cool thing about the story – Steve’s performance did not go unnoticed by DICE either. Not only have the developers expressed their sympathy with Steve and their appreciation for his action on Reddit – they have apparently followed the protest live. Because there are recordings that show Steve with his protest sign from inside the DICE HQs. This, too, is well received by the community.

So it goes on with Battlefield 5: More news about new cosmetics should not be long in coming. First, one of the DICE staff on Reddit commented on the campaign: “You have been seen. And I was told that the arsenal could handle an update. ”

On the other hand, next week a roadmap soon to published, which should provide an answer to the most urgent questions of the community on the future of Battlefield 5 – including the new cosmetics.

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