EA Is Not To Blame For Anthem – BioWare Apologizes For “Terrible Gaming Experience”


EA Is Not To Blame For Anthem – BioWare Apologizes For “Terrible Gaming Experience”

It was not a happy day when Anthem crawled out of BioWare’s

Developer halls and sat down in the shops. While Mass Effect and Dragon Age fans complained about the multiplayer aspect even before the release. Many of those who wanted a loot shooter like Anthem were also disappointed. What was it? And has EA BioWare really been forced to develop Anthem?

There are plenty of players and BioWare fans who see EA as the Darth Vader of the video game industry; a big bad company that forces those studios among themselves to develop multiplayer titles with Lootboxes. However, this may only be true in part, as an industry observer and Kotaku author Jason Schreier recently discussed in a tweet. BioWare, which was acquired by EA 12 years ago, has developed Anthem quite by itself – and the pressure from EA is far more subtle than many would think :

” I keep seeing people spreading the idea that EA forced BioWare to do an online game. That’s not true. EA actually gives its studios a lot of autonomy. The executive pressure behind it is far more subtle than “Do this Game!” – it’s more about maneuvering resources and “What is your version of FIFA Ultimate Team? “

According to Schreier, EA BioWare has by

No means forced itself to develop an online game like Anthem. Which does not mean that BioWare does not have to follow guidelines – you could probably see the fruits of these defaults in the multiplayer modes of the Mass Effect parts. So instead of creating a new mass effect with multiplayer, BioWare may have opted for the loot shooter all by itself; at least, if we want to believe screamers. Probably it is not in view of BioWare’s long history with EA.

BioWare: ” I want to apologize for the terrible gaming experience “

EA may not have urged BioWare to develop Anthem. What is certain, however, is that over the years of development, BioWare already knew exactly what they were programming: a loot shooter, which is now particularly disappointing in those game mechanics that are well known in the genre. The Anthem community wants to love their game, obviously. But it’s not easy for them when bugs and profound bugs cloud their gaming experience.

Bugs, like an automatic force field that cuts players off their loot. On Reddit, a user has recently complained about how he was cut off from the team after a particularly difficult mission and then watched as the others collect their legendary loot. It’s a pretty sad video:

The Reddit post did not go unnoticed:

Anthem developer Ben Irving responded with a personal apology and promised to fix the bug – and much, much more – as quickly as possible:

” I want to stop by here and apologize for the terrible gaming experience that I’m directly responsible for. As stronghold lead this is my beer. I can explain it, but eventually it will not change the experience […] I can only promise that we will improve for you and the community in the future, and that we will try to regain your trust. “

The feedbacks on Irving’s apology is consistently positive. Without question, Anthem – for whatever reason – was unfinished when it crawled onto the market. And no, the last few days were certainly neither nice nor easy for BioWare and especially for the team around Anthem. But despite everything, the community seems ready to give the loot shooter another chance. One he needs more than anything, while hopefully developing into a more finished game over the next few months.

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