How To Fix The Sound Issues With The Division 2


How To Fix The Sound Issues With The Division 2

After the launch of The Division 2, some agents are struggling with sound problems. Since there is no official solution yet, we’ll show you some ways to get rid of the annoying sound bug anyway.

What’s up with the sound problem? Already in the beta, many players quarreled with annoying sound bugs. But even with the launch of The Division 2, the problem has apparently not been completely resolved. Because many agents are still plagued by annoying sound misfires.

The error occurs mainly on the PC. The developers are aware of the problem and are already working on a solution. Until an official fix, sufferers have to be patient. But currently, you can handle the problem with some workarounds and a bit of luck yourself.

Fix the sound problems of The Divison 2 yourself – That’s how it works

This is how the sound problems are expressed: Numerous players report in recent days that they have partly delayed sound or multi-second sound misfires. Some complain that they have no audio at all.

Reasons for the issues: As one of the most common causes of the sound bug on the PC, gamers could identify Logitech audio hardware and software. Thus The Division 2 currently has some problems.

Especially if you use a surround headset from this manufacturer, including the appropriate software, you may experience difficulties with the audio. But other factors such as DirectX drivers may be responsible for the occurrence of the bug.

Possible solutions for the “No Sound” bug

We’ve come up with some solutions for you that could fix some sound problems for some agents on the PC. If you are a console player affected by this bug, there is currently no known way to fix the bug.

You can try the following on the PC:

In the game, press ALT-TAB to switch to the desktop. Then go back into the game again. So the sound could already return for some players.

  • Reinstall the DirecX drivers.
  • Many an agent reports that the reinstall could fix the audio bug
    Uses alternative audio hardware.
  • If you play with Logitech headphones or audio systems, try other speakers or another headset, if available.
  • That too could solve the problem already
  • If this does not work as a Logitech user, all Logitech software applications such as the Gaming Software Tool and the Surround Sound Service will close on the taskbar. Calls the task manager, looks for processes in the Logitech Surround Service and ends here, if still active.
  • If your Logitech hardware still does not work now, try out alternative headphones or speakers after completing the Logitech services.
  • As a Logitech headset user, you can also try selecting a setting other than your Logitech hardware in The Division 2’s Audio settings in the Voice Chat option. This, too, has been reported to bring the sound back to some players

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