Metacritic Test For The Division 2 With 56% – Fans Challenge Testers


Metacritic Test For The Division 2 With 56% – Fans Challenge Testers

The Division 2 is the first review on Metacritic online. This is surprisingly bad. Fans of The Division 2 attack the reviewer.

This is the rating: Anyone looking at the Metacritic site to get their first review of The Division 2 gets a rather negative impression of the game: Because currently (Saturday, 16.3., PS4 version) there is a single review with a note from the trade press displayed – and that is pretty bad.

The rating is from the page Cheat-Code-Central. The site gives The Division 2 a total rating of 2.8 (out of a possible 5). This gives the game the predicate “average”, which stands in the rating system of this page between “bad” and “fair”.

Metacritic translates this rating into 56 out of 100 points. With that, The Division 2 is scratching at the lower “Mixed” rating limit. Under 50 points a game is classified as “negative” on Metacritic.

Why is the page review important?

The review is important because it stands on Metacritic and thus gets a lot of attention. Many potential buyers are guided by what they read on Metacritic.

How come this review?

The review and review were written by writing team lead Lucas White of the Cheat Code Central page. His individual ratings for The Division 2 are significantly better than the overall rating:

Graphic: 4 out of 5 – The city looks great from the outside. However, the character models, the interiors and the ambient design are pretty bland
Controls: 4 of 5 – This is usually simple and straightforward. However, it does not feel very tactical to roll around all the time.
Music: 3 out of 5
Game Value: 3.5 out of 5 – Tons of endgame content and various quests, as well as many characters, build options, wait through a banal story, the author says.

Reviewer considers The Division 2 as “Survival Porn”

Why is the overall rating only 2.8? The author has a lot to complain about in his review. He writes that the story develops from cheesy and bad to “extremely blunt”. The author probably also has an ideological problem with The Division 2: The game feels like propaganda for the violent right-wing – like Survival-Porn.

As a player, you are sent to various locations for sparsely-developed NPCs to seek things to bring to the White House. Follow orange lines to complete missions and find loot just to get into the final game, the crucial part of the game. All this, however, was “so boring”.

That’s the biggest criticism: The main problem of The Division 2 is its pace. This repeats White often. You play for many hours but perceive little significant progress. He played mission after mission and found hardly exciting loot that he wanted to equip. Most of the time he spent splitting garbage loot.

In addition, ambient design is not very interesting, especially indoors.

The city itself is very impressive, but the aesthetics of The Division 2 consist only in the fact that there is stuff everywhere. Garbage bags and waste determine the design. Every room looks the same, you can hardly distinguish them from each other, everything is overloaded with garbage.

The gunplay, however, he had fun, even if he even criticized the “terrible” pace of the game. Everything will last forever. You have skills and armor kits, but both would take so long to activate – and for unobvious reasons.

“Using a Medikit feels like you’re holding down the D-pad button for ten years, and the cooldowns of skills are huge.”

Lucas White, CheatCC

You can improve the cooldowns with upgrades, but first, you have to play for hours until it gets better.

When it comes to content, The Division 2 feels packed. There are several dark zones, many random, Destiny-like events popping up on the map, and the campaign itself is quite long. But he emphasizes again: the pace is the biggest problem. It takes forever until you make decisive progress.

That’s his conclusion:

The Division 2 is a loot shooter with too much garbage loot and a lovingly rendered Washington DC, but most of the time you can squat behind piles of garbage in dark buildings.

I did not even think I experienced anything exciting, unique or creative when I was playing this game […] and The Division 2 is fighting an already lost fight for my attention.

Lucas White, CheatCC

Reacting to readers: In the comments section of this article, the review is receiving tons of criticism. The nicer commentators still write that The Division 2 just might not be the right game for the tester. This is okay, but the tester must also think of the audience for whom this review was written.

Others are more offensive in their criticism and write that this is not a proper review and now just make sure that the game is bad on Metacritic. The review was full of “bullshit” and “lies”. There are also personal, quite hostile announcements against the reviewer.

The rating was “unfair”, write several. You understand that opinions can be different, but you do not understand such a bad rating. One speaks of a “joke.”

What is the current mood around The Division 2?

For actually is currently an almost consistently positive, first opinion image to The Division 2 from. Some things that the author criticizes many agents as even good:

The slow pace was “fantastic”, wrote about the Youtuber Skill Up and many agreed with him. So you can dive into the world, which is full of details, collectibles, resources, and events. You can also go crazy, but who wants to enjoy the game and like to look around the world, gets a lot to discover.

And there’s garbage everywhere in the post-apocalypse of Washington DC, just add to the atmosphere. The details and the dense atmosphere are constantly praised on Reddit.

The loot and the progress system are also well received by many agents.

If you look for aspects that criticize several agents, you will find mostly bugs, technical problems, long cooldown times of the skills and strange weapons mods. That the protagonist is mute and the character editor leaves a lot to be desired, is added.

However, the generally positive mood aroundĀ  The Division 2 does not detract from this, especially as Massive is fast behind the problems. The criticisms of the reviewer many cannot share.

So far, all other authors of the trade press renounce on a rating, as they want to test the endgame in detail, as well as the colleagues of the GameStar. Presumably, next week will see more notes on Metacritic. We are curious about how these will turn out.

But: The agents are mostly agreed that the current single note on Metacritic does not do justice to the game.

Since The Division 2 only in the coming weeks with world rank 5 and the first raid revealed all endgame content – and since it is extended in the following months with free content – the early fixation on a fixed note is questionable anyway.

Or how do you see that? What rating would you give The Division 2 so far?

Many gaming sites have already written first impressions of The Division 2. These are quite positive. You can read a summary here:

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