No Man’s Sky – Beyond Update Brings No Man’s Sky Online (Update)


No Man’s Sky – Beyond Update Brings No Man’s Sky Online (Update)

Since the re-launch of ‘No Man’s Sky’ last year, it has become quite quiet again for the exploration title of Hello Games. That should change soon.

As Hello Games founder Sean Murray suggests today, there will be news about No Man’s Sky again soon, even if one would reluctantly anticipate that. Apparently, one fears that a leak could forestall the whole thing, so you prefer to swear the fans themselves on it.

What it is in the announcement, can currently only be suspected. Maybe it’s time for a bigger content update, so you have to be surprised at this point.

We will keep you up to date.

Update: Meanwhile, Publisher 505 Games has confirmed that in the summer of 2019 a major update will be released for No Man’s Sky, bringing players together like never before with its all-new social and multiplayer features. It says:

“The BEYOND multiplayer experience promises players new interactions and radical new ways to explore the universe. It does not require a subscription, does not include microtransactions and is completely free for all existing players. The multiplayer is only part of the gigantic BEYOND update. In the coming weeks, the Hello Games team will announce more novelties and exciting features for No Man’s Sky: BEYOND. “

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