Players Take Care Of Developers Who Have “Never Experienced love”


Players Take Care Of Developers Who Have “Never Experienced love”

Did you already tell someone today that you love him? If not, you might want to do it. After all, it is love that drives us; which always resonates when we are happy or sad. For the sake of love, those English-speaking players who buy a tiny, Chinese game over the last few days – just to be there for the developer.

You will not know the Visual Novel, Tiny Snow, because it is not just a tiny, easily overlooked anime adventure game on Steam, of which there are quite a few – it’s also only available in Chinese. Why does a crowd of non-Chinese players suddenly buy Tiny Snow and comment on it under the game? Quite simply: You want to do something good for the developer. He tells a much sadder story than the game itself.

It all started with a player, the developer Rice – that’s what he called himself at least on Steam – addressed his romantic visual novel Tiny Snow and said he could not understand the story and the feelings in the game. Rice now typed the answer in Chinese characters, which later translated into the following words:

” The plot is incomprehensible because … I have never … experienced love. Anyway, I’m really good at writing stories about being rejected and thrown away, next time I’ll try harder. “

A screenshot of the dialogue embedded in a message from the Chinese news portal Weibo finally went viral on Twitter; supported by thousands of English-speaking players who not know the game, but touched by the developer’s reaction:

While the players expressed their sympathy, some of them even bought the game – without even understanding a word. Meanwhile, Tiny Snow’s Steam page flooded with loving comments: ” I can neither speak nor write Chinese; I do not know the person behind the game personally, but I would damned if I did not want her to smile a little – so I’m here now and bought the game and the soundtrack. Please be happy and write further! ”

I have rarely seen such positive comments on Steam. And even if it’s not about the game, it’s wonderful to see that love exists here as well.

But the story goes even further: Developer Rice recently signed up with a grateful post on Steam, saying that his words not fully understood. He was therefore very happy, and his experiences of love – or the absence thereof – were by no means so extreme. The problem was according to him in the translation, but now: he is still grateful.