Snoop Dogg Organizes Gaming Tournament And Smoking Is Allowed


Snoop Dogg Organizes Gaming Tournament And Smoking Is Allowed

On March 15, US rapper Snoop Dogg hosted his very first eSport tournament called the Gangsta Gaming League. Fittingly, moderators and participants were allowed to whistle quite legally.

Played Madden 19 Ultimate Team, the winner was able to enjoy prize money of $ 11,000. The whole thing was moderated by comedian Dan Rue and Snoop Dogg in person. Already in advance, it was announced on the website of the partner MERRY JANE that during the tournament, the use of cannabis will be allowed. And so it was. Snoop Dogg occasionally lit a bag between games, and players were occasionally shown with a joint in his mouth. The show was tracked on Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, and Facebook.

Why is Snoop allowed to dog Dogg legally during the stream?

You probably wonder now how it can be that the stream was not punished. Well, there is a simple explanation: The tournament was held in Los Angeles. Where marijuana use has been allowed for quite some time. Because platforms such as Twitch or Mixer rely on the laws of the country where streaming takes place, smoking grass during the stream may be allowed, as in the case. Also, YouTube prohibits in this context only content for the consumption or for the production of hard drugs, as well as content, in which minors are seen when smoking cigarettes or similar products.

Only Facebook clearly states in its community standards that not only content that represents the sale. Or attempted acquisition of marijuana or pharmaceuticals, but also the mere mention and presentation of such products are prohibited. Nevertheless, at the time of writing, the stream is still on the Facebook page of MERRY JANE.

By the way, Snoop Dogg is not the first time to see a stream in a stream. Already last year in January, the rapper caused a stir, but less because of the joint, but rather because he did not gamble himself.