The New Endgame In Destiny 2 Is Live – But Hardly Anyone Can Play It

Destiny 2

The New Endgame In Destiny 2 Is Live – But Hardly Anyone Can Play It

At Destiny 2, Level 3 is live. The image of an old king is waiting for you in this, but most of you can not yet play this mode.

It’s all about this endgame content: On March 15th, the level 3 – and thus the highest level – was activated in the payroll. Bungie announced this level as the hard endgame content that will bring her the best Gambit Prime armor.

Why can not I play this? Level 3 billing recommends a power level of 690 – and you must have at least 680 to start the mode at all.

If you’ve been playing Destiny 2 regularly since the beginning of Season 6, and you’ve picked up the mighty rewards, most of you will now be between 660 and 670 power levels.

So you will have to scramble for a while in the power level to master billing at its highest level. Especially since you should start best in the well-established team this mode. Say, your friends should have around 690 Power.

This awaits you in Billing Level 3

This is how Stage 3 works: The first level 3 videos are already on Youtube – mostly by professional streamers and hardcore gamers like Esoterickk or Gladd.

We embed a video of Esoterickk, who already has a guardian at 699 power level and marches through the reckoning pretty confidently:

  • First, you need to drive the dominance counter to 100%, as in Level 1. Defeat the possessed as quickly as possible in the team.
  • Afterward, as in level 2, you will cross the bridge, where you will have to fill 6 circles to 100% while fending off possessions.
  • Immediately afterward you can float to a platform with an image of Oryx waiting for you. In the video above you can see the final fight starting at 6:20.
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In total, you have 4 minutes to fight the image of Oryx. While Oryx teleports from one corner of the platform to the other and bravely eats your bullets, other possessed ones appear, including big ogres.

Oryx was the king of the possessed, who at that time ushered in the year 2 of Destiny 1. The launch time of “The Possessed King” considered the best time in the Destiny series.
Esoterickk only takes about a minute with his task force to eliminate the image of Oryx. Armed with sleeper simulant and the Well of Shine of the Warlock, Oryx takes considerable damage.

Incidentally, the video also shows that there is a special emblem for a flawless run:

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