Will GTA 6 Becoming PS5-Exclusive: Is A Rumor Or A Reality?


Will GTA 6 Becoming PS5-Exclusive: Is A Rumor Or A Reality?

The news that Sony was thinking about taking on Publisher Take-Two caused a lot of speculation. Will GTA 6 be exclusive to the PlayStation 5? Meanwhile, Sony has provided clarity.

Update from March 15th at 17:36

The speculations about the alleged Sony exclusivity have become superfluous, as Yuji Nakamura, himself a tech reporter at Bloomberg, announced on Twitter.

” Everyone including Wedbush already knew, but again for the record: Sony has confirmed to me that the reports, they want to take Take Two,” no truth “is.

Original message from March 14, 2019, at 12.32

If GTA 6 was to become Sony exclusive, that would be a manslaughter argument for the PlayStation 5. The console war, if it is even more important, would end with a big but short bang. It is therefore unlikely that Sony could actually buy GTA developer Take-Two Interactive – as a market analyst claims.

Nothing is certain when it comes to analysts, rumors and secret sources are that secret things say. If a well-known industry analyst claims that Sony is currently in negotiations to buy the company Take-Two Interactive, that’s no guarantee. It is more one of those many rumors that bubble out of the white noise behind the ominous numbers of stock prices. The stock-central news portal MarktWatch constantly deals with such assumptions and wrote about Take-Twos acquisition :

 “Take-Two Interactive Software’s shares rose 4.7% on rumors that Sony is already involved in advanced negotiations to buy Take-Two. “

Normally, we also ignore such but-if-if-rumors; after all, they are constantly appearing and, more than once, are no more than that – a rumor. In this case, it would be a more than clever move from Sony to grab Take-Two. The gaming group not only watches over the subsidiaries Rockstar Games and 2K Games. But also overall their game IPs – Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto, Civilization, NBA 2K, BioShock, Borderlands and more.

I do not see any PS5-exclusive civilization marching on the market, but if Sony actually takes Take-Two off the stock market, the Grand Theft Auto could chain it to the PlayStation forever: It would be unwise, with such a big title, not your own To support console. Especially as more and more evidence points to a Google console, which should be announced next week.

But who knows? We can not know anything, as long as the alleged rumor is not officially announced and confirmed by the Olympus Olympics. And should Google actually crave the video game industry, the question remains who will set the tone next year.