15 Years FritzBox: Here Sees AVM The Future For The Popular Router


15 Years FritzBox: Here Sees AVM The Future For The Popular Router

On Monday the FritzBox celebrates an anniversary: 15 years there are the popular routers of AVM. In Germany, the Berlin-based company is the market leader with the FritzBox family, according to its own statements. GIGA asked: Where is the journey going? And what does “Fritz” actually mean in the name?

15 years FritzBox: Here sees AVM the future for the popular router. On March 18, 2004, AVM introduced the first FritzBox as part of CeBit. In order to get Internet to all households, the company now has routers for DSL, cable, fiber optic and LTE in the range.

Name and future of FritzBox: 3 questions to AVM

In our series “3 questions to …” we want to know from AVM what is important in the next few years in the field of routers. Dr. replies Gerd Thiedemann, Head of Product Management at AVM:

1. Routers get more and more functions. Where is the journey going?

Thiedemann: The router is the headquarters for all digital communication at home: Internet, telephony, streaming, gaming, smart home and not least the many mobile devices that are in the WLAN. All are supplied with data by the router. Gigabit speed at the connection with DSL, glass fiber or cable is the one trend.

Likewise, performance and versatility are becoming increasingly important to routers. Because all devices want to work at the same time and be securely connected to the Internet. With the mesh technology of the FRITZ! Products, all users can continue to enjoy maximum speed in the future – seamlessly into the last corner of the room.

Dr. Gerd Thiedemann, Head of Product Management at AVM, answers the questions to GIGA. Source: AVM.

2. FritzBox is 15 years old now – and successful especially in Germany. How does AVM want to compete with the strong international competition?

Thiedemann: Just as we have been successful so far: Being technologically up front, listening to the customer and offering easy-to-use products. In addition, updates are an important factor. Only those who care for their products will remain successful.

3. The FritzBox is a box – but where does the name “Fritz” come from?

Thiedemann: When AVM became increasingly successful in the 1990s with the ISDN cards, one thing was clear: we need a name that suits us Berliners and our products: Fritz! – We make complex things easy.

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