Already On Sunday Could Start A Very Green Event In Fortnite


Already On Sunday Could Start A Very Green Event In Fortnite

In Fortnite an exceptional event could tomorrow on Sunday, 17.3., Take place. Because then is St. Patrick’s Day – which could color Fortnite quite green, bring some skins and a new mode.

Update 17.3: The event has started. We have information on Sunday morning. It’s all about this event: St. Patrick’s Days is Ireland’s national holiday – but it’s also celebrated in other countries like the US, where there are many people with Irish roots. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated with as many things as possible turning green: clothes, rivers, beer – everything that works.

Also in video games is the St. Patrick’s Day committed:

  • FIFA does that about regularly
  • Black Desert also takes every holiday
  • and in 2018 Fortnite gave its own skins for the national holiday of the Irish.
  • Such an event skin is then relatively rare and therefore much sought after.

“Green” mode with a pretty lousy loot

How does Fortnite celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year? Officially, nothing is known yet, but Dataminer has found a new mode. The new time-limited mode is called “Going Green”: This is a classic Battle Royale mode, but there is almost only green Loot – so relatively bad stuff. The only way to get better gear is probably the new treasure map in Fortnite, according to the Dataminers.

In addition, a number of “green skins” could come into the cash-shop. The Irish lady “Sgt. Green Clover “(Sgt. Grünklee) is in great demand there – that was the 2018 event skin. When does the new event start in Fortnite? It is currently not officially announced. St. Patrick’s Day is but the 17.3. So it would not be surprising if something happens to Fortnite tomorrow.

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Epic is known to make such events relatively spontaneously – that’s how the Super Bowl was taken.

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