Apple’s New Streaming Service For Movies And TV Series: 7 Questions, 7 Answers


Apple’s New Streaming Service For Movies And TV Series: 7 Questions, 7 Answers

The prospects are bad, at the Apple event on March 25, 2019, Tim Cook will probably not show any new hardware. Instead, there’s a streaming service for watching movies and TV shows.

How exhilarating and spaaaanend … I hear it already slightly murmur sarcastically in the back rows. And yet there are some unanswered questions about Apple’s new streaming service, which I address in today’s Weekend Column.

Apple’s new streaming service for movies and TV series: 7 questions, 7 answers

Who wants to see long-awaited hardware renewals from Apple, if he also gets a TV streaming service as a revolutionary announcement presented? Something like this could happen to us on Monday, March 25th. An Apple Keynote so completely without any new hardware, but with the option of monthly.

Apple another small accessory. Who wants to be content with music streaming à la Apple Music? Apart from this slightly ironic question, there are also tangible gaps in knowledge about Apple’s new TV streaming service. I would like to start with the most important question …

Apple vs Netflix and Co: Who, how, what … why, why, why?

Do we really need another streaming service?

Already in 2017, I asked the question in the face of increasing fragmentation of the streaming landscape. Like me, most Netflix and Amazon Prime Video users will use just one, two of the services, and above all, pay. To be honest: The two providers have so many new films and series, I would like to take over the entire offer, I would have to quit my job and watch the whole day only TV.

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Now Apple also wants something from the cake. In addition, Disney will soon start with its own service – it is getting confusing. My opinion: At the moment everyone is getting pretty again, dressing up and the big consolidation will take place in two or three years at the latest. Then together what belongs together grows and there are only two or three suppliers left. The rest is bankrupt, was taken over by the competition or just gives up. Let’s see which side Apple lands on.

The rumors of partner offer from HBO, Showtime, and Starz and above all, own content. Apple advertises on and off in Hollywood, currently has neatly produced films and series. However, the industry or Apple’s creatives are currently really annoyed. The Apple superiors mix well in the actual process and quasi write on the script to keep the content “clean”.

My Opinion: Wait, but should Apple really intervene in the design process, well then good night. With Tim Cook as a studio boss, Tarantino could never have realized Pulp Fiction. Whether Harvey Weinstein was the better choice in retrospect cannot be conclusively clarified from the point of view of 2019 either.

When will Apple launch its streaming service for movies and TV shows?

With the partner offers it could start in April. Own content but still need time – so rumors. The reason could be the already mentioned interference of Apple in the actual, creative process. My Opinion: I have the time, the playlist on Netflix and Amazon Prime is still well filled and in April there’s the finale on Game of Thrones – yeah!

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On the Apple TV, the new service will run 100 percent:

Apple TV introduced.

Will Apple’s streaming service make it to Germany?

The new service is supposed to start in 100 countries worldwide. However, the statement should probably relate only to Apple’s own content. The partner offers of HBO, Showtime and Starz are already marketed in other parts of the country, for example at Sky or Amazon. Apple has to stay out of this. My opinion: America First !? Donald’s motto is sometimes synonymous for Apple for new services.

However, the iPhone maker is virtually forced to launch worldwide, but with the focus on in-house production alone. Say: It really starts in Germany at the earliest in the summer, maybe even in the fall.

On which platforms will Apple’s streaming service run?

Sure, Apple’s streaming service for movies and TV shows runs on their own devices – Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The new AirPlay 2 compatible televisions from LG, Samsung and Co. Will also be added. My opinion: If Apple wants to be successful, the service must also be available in the browser and thus under Windows and as an app for Android.

It is still questionable whether the service on the Mac will run in its own app. Hopefully not in iTunes – please! Would actually be a nice example for developers, if the service for macOS and iOS immediately comes as a universal app.

My thoughts on the weekend:

The column wants to provide food for thought, call for discussion and reflect the “News-Schwall” of the week towards the end. A small selection of the previous articles of the column:

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  • How much will it cost?
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The real sticking point is certainly the cost. So much is certain: The partner offers Apple will probably pass more or less at extra cost. Really exciting is the pricing of their own content. Earlier reports spoke in part already of free films and series, exclusively for owners of Apple hardware. Currently, there are rumors that at least certain content (for example, the Oscar or Emmy awards) are transmitted free of charge.

My opinion: Apple will stop the hand, we will certainly get nothing. In the face of, in the future, dwindling hardware business, the Mammon will eventually have to be retracted at the installed user base. When pricing is based on Netflix. Ergo: You can count on a tenth of a month. Speaking of …

Why Apple does not actually buy Netflix and saves work?

A legitimate and previously discussed issue, money would be enough available at Apple. My opinion: What is not, can still be. As mentioned in the beginning, I see a consolidation movement in the market in two or three years at the latest. Netflix is unlikely to want to take Apple and can, conversely, make a purchase more meaningful.

Do you have any questions about the new streaming service from Apple? With it in the comments.

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