MMORPG Astellia Uses The Popular Guild Wars 2 Combat System


MMORPG Astellia Uses The Popular Guild Wars 2 Combat System

The Asia MMORPG Astellia has talked at length about their own combat system. It should be traditional but also contain some special elements. Known to be the players especially the evasive role occur.

Tab targeting or action combat?

The most important question with new MMORPGs usually refers to the combat system. Will it be more dynamic and action-packed, or will we be able to happily switch through the mobs? Astellia claims to rely on old values and focuses on tab targeting. However, a little movement and a few special features are also included in this combat system.

The dynamics in the fighting

Can you avoid attacks? A special feature of the combat system of Astellia will be the evasion role. This can be activated by double pressing a direction button. Basically, you stand still when you have a skill. Nevertheless, elements have been built in to make fighting more dynamic.

Similar to these alternate roles with Guild Wars 2. Above all, they should serve to avoid big and strong attacks and to reposition themselves in a fight. Better feel for skills: Currently, the length of the animations is being worked on. You do not want to tie players to skill too long.

In addition, the developers are currently working on breaking off the work of skills, for example, the active dodge roll. This was not possible until now but was much desired in player feedback.

What are Astels?

The fighting system of Astellia is complemented by the Astels. These are small incantations that help you fight. Similar to a trading card game, you can choose 3 to fight alongside your 30 different Astels. Each Astel has special features and can do damage, can refuel, heal players, or perform Combo attacks with them.

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Combos with your Astels: As an example, the developers describe in their post that the class Assassin can use a backstab and thereby teleport behind the opponent.

If you use Seika (also an Assassin) as Astell at the same time, a common Teleport and Backstab will be performed. This causes due to the synergy a lot of damage.

But many other combinations should be possible. With 5 classes and 30 Astels, there should be a variety of combinations for the group content of Astellia. In Astellia, you will be able to distribute skill points that will influence your skills.

What change the skill points? As an example, the shield strike was called by the warrior. You can style this so that the duration of the stun is increased. Alternatively, you can also invest the points in reducing the recharge time.

Although the difference may not sound very great at first glance, this system should be applied to every single skill in the game.

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