So The Pricing Policy Of Black Ops 4 Spoils The Spring Event For Many Fans


So The Pricing Policy Of Black Ops 4 Spoils The Spring Event For Many Fans

On the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is celebrating the “Shamrock & Awe” event. But the festivities are not well received by all fans. Once again, the price policy of the game is the focus of criticism.

What’s up with the event?

Since March 12, the seasonal spring event of the Operation Grand Heist of Black Ops 4 is live – at least on the PS4. PC and Xbox One should follow a week later. Among other things, the event brings a spring update for the blackout card and wraps it in lush, green color with a pretty spring sun. In addition, the in-house Battle Royale now gets a hardcore mode. The traditional multiplayer gets an event-specific mode with Stockpile, also for zombies there is new thematically inspired content.

What is the problem with the spring event? But one thing many fans have come to expect is not, or at least not without further costs – the appropriate rewards in the form of new items.

For while the event at Call of Duty: WW II brought new playable items and weapons into the game, this is no longer the case with Black Ops 4. Shamrock & Awe does not get its own stream in the black market, over which one could earn new items.

Instead, players have the opportunity to get a special order in the black mark for the equivalent of € 20. This reward package includes some pre-known event items and 10 reserve boxes.

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What do angry fans say?

Numerous players are stirring up the price policy of Black Ops 4 again. Because the appropriate event rewards for Shamrock & Awe – for many the main motivation to contest the event – are hidden behind a € 20 wall.

There are no other rewards. In addition, the opportunity to earn these event-specific rewards in the game is missing. The actual content would, therefore, be limited to a few new modes and map update. Only a business card and a gesture you could pick up when logging.

If you want to enjoy this event to the fullest, you have to pay – and that, even though it should be free for everyone. This practice goes against many players against the grain. On Reddit now many fans let their anger run wild. Because this development would take many of the fun of playing.

It is noticeable: In the past, users often called for prudence in similar discussions and emphasized that such premiums are purely optional cosmetic items. But if you take a look at the comments, you will hardly find voices that tolerate or even accept such a price policy.

Is there a response from Treyarch? No, they are not available right now. But it will be interesting how Black Ops 4 responds to this criticism. Because when there was a recent hassle over the introduced loot boxes, the developers have quickly improved.

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