Someone Provides Information: Is Already Worth A 5G Smartphone?


Someone Provides Information: Is Already Worth A 5G Smartphone?

5G is certainly the future – but is not the fast transmission standard even the present? Some smartphone manufacturers are already bragging about equipping first models with a 5G module. But is it worth a 5G mobile phone anyway? We answer the most important questions about the topic in the video.

Smartphones with 5G: Already worthwhile?

At the Mobile World Congress, 2019 not only folding cell phones were introduced, but a secret star could be seen everywhere. The speech is for once not by a smartphone, but by the fifth mobile generation. This is just in the starting blocks. An auction of the frequencies is planned for the end of March 2019, although the date is not yet certain due to possible complaints of the mobile communications companies. What exactly 5G can and how the current state of things is, you can see in the video above.

The advantages of 5G are obvious: The mobile Internet is much faster than with LTE (4G). In the 5G standard, data rates of up to 20 gigabits per second are promised, with significantly reduced latencies. Worldwide, up to 100 billion mobile devices should be addressable at the same time.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G from summer to have

With the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, there will be a cell phone from a well-known manufacturer in just a few months, which has a 5G module. LG and OnePlus also want to get on the train as soon as possible. Although not unimportant details such as the price are not yet fixed, so we know now, after all, that the 5G version of the Galaxy S10 will have a stronger battery: 4,500 mAh it is supposed to be, while the Galaxy S10 Plus “only” comes to a capacity of 4,100 mAh. Since the first generation of 5G phones will probably be more power hungry than regular models with 4G, a stronger battery is certainly not the worst idea.

Samsung will certainly cost the Galaxy S10 5G quite a bit. More than 1,249 euros. Which required for the Galaxy S10 Plus with 512 GB of memory and 8 GB of RAM, it should be determined. Whether the phone worthwhile at all, although the 5G expansion coming up, is also answered in the video above.

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