The Community Is Kidding The Vagabond In Destiny 2 – Bungie Celebrates It


The Community Is Kidding The Vagabond In Destiny 2 – Bungie Celebrates It

At Destiny 2, many guardians are amused by a new animation of the rover. They create cool clips – which Bungie finds funny too.

That’s why the Vagabond is kidding: since Season 6 and the launch of Gambit-Prime, the Vagabond has some new animations on it when it announces the opponents of the upcoming Gambit match.

For example, he pulls out a coin behind his ear or strums his green coin and says “thing” before telling him which opponent’s race to play against.

The latter animation with the “Thing” has now inspired many guardians to funny clips that currently look at thousands of players and provided with upvotes.

“What does the Vex say?”

This video is currently popular: On Reddit, a clip of the guardian “I am Claw!” Has collected more than 3700 upvotes and around 30,000 views in the last few hours. It is the first Youtube video of the guardian.

He writes that he walked on this 15-second clip for four hours. But it was well worth it because many celebrate the video:

He makes the vagabond to the well-known song “What does the fox say” strum his coin, the vagabond says rather silly and often “thing”.

Since the vagabond at the end announces that the Vex will be in the field, directly came to several users on the idea that the video should be called “What does the Vex Say”.

This is how Bungie reacts: Community managers Cozmo and dmg04 both responded to this video.

dmg04 wrote: “I do not like that.
Cozmo wrote: “I like that.”
That dmg04 wrote this with a smile, shows a quick look at his Twitter channel. He also enjoys the “thing” clips of the community:

Because there are a few more “Ding” clips. We embed a few here – and this even became the video of the week by Bungie:

Also, this soundtrack might seem familiar to many gamers:

In the comments to this clip is already the “thing” instead of the “Drifter” the speech:

And here a slightly longer assembly:

For the last of these embedded clips, dmg04 wrote: “Seriously, how many of those [videos] are there?”

What would the drifter say if he sees these clips? No matter, better loot than the vanguard he still lets jump.

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