The Division 2: Build Settlements And Complete Projects – That’s How It Works


The Division 2: Build Settlements And Complete Projects – That’s How It Works

In The Division 2, you can help civilians build their settlements and reward rewards through projects. Our guide will explain how it works.

Washington DC is in a chaotic state at the beginning of The Division 2 story. The civilians, but also the division, are in distress. Enemy factions fight for control. Throughout history, DC is about reclaiming DC and restoring order. The civilians and their settlements play an important role in this. We’ll explain how they work and what you need to know about the settlement projects.

  • Settlements and civilians – the extended arm of the division
  • These are the settlements: Away from your base of operations, the White House, The Division 2 has several
  • settlements where civilians live and live independently.

However, these are in a rather bad state at the beginning of the game. So part of the game is to support and build the settlements. In return, they function as shelters, trade bases and their inhabitants will help you fight the threats in the city. You can almost call them additional surgery bases.

How settlements work: If you support the people of the settlements, in return you will receive many benefits. This includes

  • NPCs that unlock new features in the White House and are important to progress
  • Traders who provide you with equipment
  • new side missions that bring you blueprints and SHD tech
  • and projects.

How can you expand settlements? If you complete your main and side missions, areas of the settlements will be expanded, expanded and their living conditions improved.

This will win your loyalty levels. Each level has new features or bonuses. For example, through the 4 stages of the Theater Settlement, which is available right at the beginning, you can unlock these NPCs for the White House:

  • Stage 1: Inaya al-Khaliq – Production Station
  • Level 2: Grace Larson – Clan Features
  • Level 3: Senait Ezera – Dark Zone Officer
  • Stage 4: Charles Douglas – Shooting Range

In addition to the NPCs, there are also several other side missions, which are then available. In addition, there are new projects that you can complete.

Projects pay off, so collect everything

What are the projects? These are basically settlement orders that you can pick up from the respective NPCs. Projects consist of several requirements that you have to fulfill in order to complete them. Once you’ve done that, there are rewards in the form of equipment, blueprints, experience points or bounties.

You have to do this to complete projects: In the game, you can view your accepted projects at any time either in the main menu, at your project manager in the operations base or at the respective project representative of the settlements.

There you will have an overview of your progress on all projects and you can always see what you are missing.

Projects can ask you different tasks:

  • Material donations: These are mostly different materials such as ceramic, polycarbonate or steel. It’s worth it to collect all the stuff in the Open World
  • Equipment donations: These are usually 3 pieces of the same type, such as 3 masks or holsters
  • Neighborhood Activities: Perform 3 activities of any kind in a specific neighborhood or, more specifically, prevent an execution
  • Find SHD Containers: There are several SHD Containers in each district, which you will see on the map
    Most tasks can be done alongside while you complete other activities in the Operations Base. But it may be worthwhile to complete it in a targeted manner if you want to have certain blueprints.

Accordingly, it is important that you do not disassemble or sell all equipment immediately but check your projects first. This tip is one of 15 more that we present to you in our special:

Basically, you should collect everything that you find in the Open World. Any exploration tour is worthwhile, as it can benefit you in many projects. Often you can complete several projects at once.

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