The Simpsons Worked With The LoL Developers On An E-Sports Episode


The Simpsons Worked With The LoL Developers On An E-Sports Episode

Fans of electronic sports can look forward to a special. The popular animated series “The Simpsons” has worked on a special episode with League of Legends developers Riot.

What kind of episode is it about?

It’s about a new episode from the now 30th season of the Simpsons. This will be broadcast tomorrow, Sunday, March 17, in the United States. The episode will be titled “E My Sports” in the original, an allusion to Barts well-known saying “eat my shorts.” A date for the first broadcast in Germany is still pending.

That’s what it’s all about: After the Simpsons have already ventured into MMORPGs, it’s time for E-Sports. In the episode “E My Sports” Bart becomes a pro-gamer. He’s playing a game called “Conflict of Enemies” with several of his classmates. Conflict of Enemies is apparently a kind of MOBA.

The producer Al Jean has already shown in a tweet what Conflict of Enemies looks like.

The look is reminiscent of MOBA greats like League of Legends or Dota 2. We’ve included the tweet below for you. As a coach apparently acts his father, Homer. Bart underneath him even gambled on his computer at home, true to the original with pretty equipment and mustache.

This is the collaboration: Simpsons producer FOX has assembled for the production of the episode with LoL-maker Riot. The goal was to present video games as authentically as possible.

The e-sports expert Rod Breslau, who often speaks out on e-sports-related topics, has also contacted. He tweeted to the episode:

“Riot Games Esports consulted with the writers of the Simpsons for the most accurate representation of video games in the episode. Bart will be a “one trick” who loses his lane, disengages, feeds, trolls and then kills his teammates.”

How Bart will do as a pro-gamer and how well the episode the events in e-sports really represents will probably show up yet.

Are you looking forward to the episode?

If you want to experience what it’s like to be a pro-gamer, you have the chance.

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