Therefore, You Should Never Use The Suggested Team In Pokémon GO


Therefore, You Should Never Use The Suggested Team In Pokémon GO

If you fight in raids or arenas in Pokémon GO, then you have always proposed a team. This is often bad and should not be taken.

That’s why you should not listen to Pokémon GO: the teams’ suggestions are not the most effective Pokémon, but the longest-standing monsters. But this is not always good, because you want to cause effective damage. We tell you what’s behind the suggestions and what you should do instead.

Therefore you should not fight with the proposals

That’s the goal in combat: Of course, you want to do a lot of damage in an Arena fight or in a raid. For this, you need effective counterattack. In battles, you should not listen to the suggestions. That suggests Niantic: The suggestions in the game but are out to endure a lot. So it does not matter how effective your Pokémon is, the main thing is that it can take a lot of damage.

That’s why Stolloss and Lugia are suggested to you: in almost every fight, Stolloss and Lugia are proposed to you if you own them. But these are useless in virtually every situation.

They only have a high CP and Defense value, so they endure a lot of damage

You should do that instead: it’s worth putting together a good fighting team for every raid. Also, you could have a general arena battle team ready. The suggestions are good for that, but in raids, the suggestions can sometimes be useful. So you can partially recognize what attacks the Raid Pokémon own.

For example, if Palkia Raids suggested fairy Pokémon like Pantimos or Togekiss, then Palkia had Draco-Meteor. On the other hand, if you were offered Dragon Pokemon, Palkia had a Hydro Pump. This is because the Draco-Meteor attack on Dragon Pokémon is very effective and the Pokémon of this guy cannot stand much. But if Palkia has a hydro pump, the dragons will stay out and be proposed.

What about PvP? Also in PvP battles, you will be proposed a team. There, the compilation is different because you do not see the opposing team, unlike raids or arenas.

Here you should pay much more attention to what the opponent could use anyway. A lot of luck in the team selection but also plays a role.