Cheaters In Apex Legends Complain About Unfair Treatment


Cheaters In Apex Legends Complain About Unfair Treatment

Respawn addresses the cheater problem in Apex Legends more and more. Meanwhile, many cheaters have been banned. These complaints but now exactly about it. They think that’s unfair.

That’s what the cheaters say: in a hacker forum that also offers cheats and chicanery for Apex Legends, some cheaters have complained. They were banned and cannot play even with new accounts.

A cheater has tried all sorts of things according to a thread on Reddit, but none of it helped:

I really hope that there is a solution that will solve the spell. That really annoys. I do not even have the desire to cheat in Apex. I just want to play normally.

Apex Legends Cheater complains

Other cheaters are annoyed by the spell they have received. Some even see this as a “reason” to stop or they want to buy a new PC for it. In another Reddit thread, a user reports that new accounts are automatically blocked by cheaters after a few minutes.

  • Apex Legends No Battle Pass Disappointment
  • Cheaters feel unfairly treated.
  • This is how the cheater problem looks like: After the great success of Apex Legends, a hacker problem has
  • Occurred to a great extent. More and more players complained about hackers and even big streamer have called an alarm.

Respawn has responded and banned over 350,000 cheaters. Some cheaters have even stupidly convicted themselves. But that was not enough for many players. In a brief clarification, a Respawn representative noted that soon a reporting system would come into play.

Apparently, the previous Bans but also effective. The bans are “hardware bans”. This means that not only the (free) account has been blocked, but the computer of the cheater based on certain, unchangeable properties.

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Most cheaters have no way to play again with a hardware ban unless they buy a new PC. Even for professionals, it’s hard to avoid such a ban. This is how the community reacts: There is gloating among honest fans. For the cheaters, it hunts mockery and ridicule for their behavior and for complaining about “unfair treatment”.

I can not imagine paying for … what exactly to do? Pretend you’re good in a video game? How insecure do you have to be to make it sound like a good idea? Most players are satisfied that the bans are now showing off respawn from many cheaters. H

Already at the beginning of Apex, a budding professional wanted to cheat. That cost him his career:

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