Destiny 2 Is In A New Situation Now

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Is In A New Situation Now

As you can imagine, Destiny suffers from lack of content – players are waiting for new content. At Destiny 2 this is different now in March 2019, says our author Schuhmann: Now the content is waiting for new players. Destiny 2 has been realigned.

This is how it was with Destiny 2 the whole time:

Destiny has since 2014 basically the problem that comes too little content. Bungie can not produce them as fast as players dig through the activities. The toughest guardians in Destiny play all the activities with three keepers and every week: Everybody quickly reaches the max level and sees everything.

The problem was compounded by the fact that Destiny was “no alternative” to many. There were just a few games that gave people what Destiny offered them. That’s why Destiny was played by the core gamers even when there was nothing “new” to do. While others moved on to the next game.

All the while, Bungie’s “DLC” and updates provided “little content” that players had played through quickly. The 2015 DLCs included short story campaigns. Above all, there were weapons and items here that could keep core gamers farming endlessly in search of God-Roll.

As the random Rolls with Destiny 2 fell away, the trouble was great: Guardians just had nothing left to do in Destiny. That only became better again with Forsaken. But in 2019 the situation is different again.

New philosophy at Bungie

This has changed with Destiny: Destiny 2 has gone through a change with the “Annual Pass”. And changed the philosophy of forwarding new content.

The goal is clear: Give as much work as possible to the players as little as possible while the main team focuses on Destiny 3 or a big expansion in the future.

With new content is no longer the whole game renewed: There is no item reset more. But the new extensions build and bring special activities for the hardiest players. The new activities are designed for players at the upper power limit. And replayability – first the blacksmiths, now Gambit Prime and the billing.

This power limit can only be reached by persistent playing and reaching milestones that have been similar for a long time. So the newest content has only been live since Friday evening. But Billing Level 3 requires a power level of 680. For most players who only occasionally look into Destiny, the power limit is now forever gone. Especially as the uploading to the new power level proves to be tough, you play old milestones.

A new world for Destiny 2

That has changed around it: Destiny is no longer as unequaled as all the years before.

Although the new competitors are severely different from Destiny and no one delivers “the full package”, but all target the Destiny team and compete for playtime:

  • In February came with Apex Legends an entertaining Battle Royale shooter (PvP only)
  • Thereafter, Anthem launched a PvE loot shooter in the science fiction setting (PvE only)
  • And currently, The Division 2 is another Loot Shooter live and gets all ready good reactions (PvE and PvP)
    and the announcement of Borderlands 3 is coming soon
  • In addition, Destiny is now 5 years old as a franchise and is no longer as much in the public eye as it was a few years ago.

Destiny 2 fully relies on core gamers

That means Destiny 2: Destiny’s new direction is clearly aimed at core gamers.

Not many can play the latest content – but for the enthusiastic fans who love Destiny, he’s quite interesting: They’ve already gambitbed with three characters Gambit Prime and the milestones and are now ready for the hard stuff.

The rest of the guardians, who may be astray, can now let off steam and return to Destiny 2 at some point. This time the content is waiting for the players instead of the previous ones. It will be interesting to see how Destiny 2 now uses this time, where it is not so much in the public eye as the last few years, to come up with new concepts and ideas.

Because we do not yet know how the “new Destiny” without the influence of Activision will develop in the long term. One thing is for sure: Bungie will eventually have to try to get all the players back on board. Only the core gamers to be spotted, in the long run, will be too little. While this may have been the right choice for the Annual Pass, it is hard to convince casual gamers of such a model anyway.

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